Cabbage price export! The domestic drama how to become the meat and potatoes in foreign countries-cashmere mafia

Cabbage price export! Domestic drama in foreign countries how to become "xiangbobo" flower and bone "smiled" very little "energy-saving" tall on the grade of the drama, English drama, drama aesthetic style, these foreign drama has always been a large number of fans in china. In recent years, the domestic drama is gradually out of the country began to circle powder. Although so far in the domestic drama overseas also have a reputation, but did not like the drama, drama, English drama in the domestic influence, in other words the domestic drama distance leveraging foreign mainstream film market, real influence is still far from the goal. Reporter Liu Yuhan harvest a large number of overseas and domestic drama fans according to "remake of the drama startling step by step" "startling step by step · Li" in early November South Korean SBS TV staged a grand finale, domestic drama IP the successful implementation of the overseas output. This is not the first time the domestic drama appeared on the Korean screen. Last May, "energy-saving" is the introduction of Korean MBC television broadcast, followed by "Nirvana in Fire" on the Korean television broadcast. Before, Japan has been on the "Three Kingdoms", "outlaws of the marsh" the Ming Dynasty "and other historical drama China favored in recent years," The Legend of Zhen Huan "," Nirvana in Fire "and have landed Japanese television attention. 2015 "The Legend of Zhen Huan" broadcast on the subscription channel Netflix, is China television drama history the milepost type event. But when the domestic drama "overseas powder", Southeast Asian countries must be ranked first. From the early years of the "journey to the west" "Huanzhugege" sourdrang "secret history" and other classic works, and later the "The Legend of Zhen Huan" "" "flower and bone" Mi months pass heat play, then smiled very popular "Qingcheng" and similar cultural background to harvest a large number of domestic drama in Southeast Asia fans of the show. The audience is very popular in Africa China modern drama, as early as 2014, "good times" daughter-in-law is "export" in Africa, after "parents love" "let’s get married" "struggle" "my youth who advocate" "Du Lala promotion" and other TV series is swept Kenya, Egypt and other 46 African state. Compared with the last century in the early 90s domestic drama exports Southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea more than 10 countries and regions, and now the domestic drama has been able to export more than and 100 countries and regions. The cultural influence of Export Co. sold cabbage price while out of the country’s domestic drama has increased dramatically in number and the theme, but from the perspective of cultural influence, the domestic drama of the strength is not enough. First, the domestic drama overseas fans are mainly concentrated in Southeast Asia, Africa and other developing countries and regions, cultural radiation is limited, but not a strong form of discourse power. Secondly, the domestic drama in Japan and South Korea broadcast, fly is more symbolic than real influence. "Nirvana in Fire" "The Legend of Zhen Huan" in Japan and South Korea are not broadcast the mainstream television channel, the audience is very narrow, can not form a public topic. "Energy-saving" is one of the top three South Korean television broadcast MBC, but was broadcast time is every Friday morning a little upset this schedule. Neither of these plays was broadcast相关的主题文章: