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British media said North Korean uranium enrichment capability enhance the year build 6 nuclear bombs – Sohu News Reference News Network September 16th British media reported that, according to the latest assessment of weapons experts, North Korea through increasing uranium enrichment facilities, as well as the use of existing plutonium inventory, at the end of this year will have enough for about 20 nuclear bombs of raw materials. According to the Reuters reported on September 14th, these experts said North Korea to avoid the UN imposed sanctions for 10 years, the development of uranium enrichment technology, which can carry out self-sustaining nuclear program, a year can produce about 6 Nuclear bombs. Reported that it is difficult to confirm the true nuclear capabilities of North korea. But after North Korea conducted its fifth and most powerful nuclear test last week, South Korea said it was preparing for another nuclear test, which seemed to indicate that it lacked the material needed for a nuclear test. Experts say North Korea is rich in uranium and has been secretly carrying out a project in more than and 10 years to produce weapons grade uranium. Siegfried, an expert on North Korea’s nuclear program, said the project, which is believed to have been heavily expanded, could be the source of an annual output of up to 150 kilograms of highly enriched uranium. The number is enough to produce about six nuclear bombs, according to a report released by Hecker12 on John’s operations at the North site in. Hecker visited the Yongbyon nuclear facility in 2010. Hecker said North Korea is also estimated to have 32 to 54 kilograms of plutonium stockpiles, enough to allow the country to have enough fissile material to produce about 20 nuclear bombs by the end of 2016. Reported that North Korea said the latest nuclear test proved the ability of the state-owned nuclear warheads installed to medium range ballistic missiles. However, North Korea said it has the ability to miniaturization of nuclear devices, has never been independently confirmed. Reported that the outside evaluation for North Korea’s plutonium reserves generally consistent, and is believed to be accurate, because the operation of experts and the government can make use of satellite image capture to the reactor, to estimate the yield level of plutonium.相关的主题文章: