Breakthrough Job Search Strategy Propels You To A Fast Job Offer!

Every one is looking for a breakthrough job search strategy — a way to get a leg up in the job search process. A breakthrough job search strategy can put you at the front of the pack. The fact is, in today’s sophisticated job marketplace, you need something special to get ahead. Maybe you think you need a particularly fancy resume. Or perhaps an uncle in high places. How about a recruiter friend. Wouldn’t it help to have a sister married to a prospective employer’s cousin? All of those could be terrific assets to have. But they’re only remotely possible for most of us. Yet, in fact, we are surrounded by the most precious assets of all. And they are available to us all the time. If we take proper advantage of them they become the breakthrough job search strategy of our dreams. They can dramatically speed up our job search and position us for the best opportunities. I’m talking about people we already know. And I strongly recommend learning how to make them your CAREER PARTNERS. Did you know that "career partners" is the hottest job search secret of the decade! Take minute and think of all the many useful ways the following people you know might have the capacity to help you out: Neighbors, friends and relatives Former school mates Religious leaders Teachers Your banker, lawyer, doctor and dentist People you do business with, hire, buy from, sell to Members of fraternal organizations, sororities, social service clubs Church, synagogue or mosque fellow members And on and on. How can teaming up with such a variety of people we know be helpful? Well, most important of all, they know other people who may have or know of a job opening. What’s more, they can introduce us to other folks who can assist us or even hire us. They may have inside information about a company or decision-maker we’re interested in. They can review our resume and presentation skills to make sure we’re on target. They can advise us about career training directions and identify organizations that would be good for us. If you want to get a leg up on your job campaign, use this amazing breakthrough job search strategy. Take the time to identify career partners. Prepare a script in which you ask them for their advice. And then represent yourself assertively to all of them. Use them wisely. They are your biggest asset! About the Author: Paul Bowley manages EEI, the world-class pioneer in alternative job search techniques and innovative e-business strategies . . . since 1985. Check out THE WORLD’S FASTEST JOB SEARCH PLAN! And grab our stunning FREE REPORT! Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – UnCategorized 相关的主题文章: