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Bosh is not optimistic about the results of the physical examination of the official: there is no comeback timetable for the return of Miami nephropathy nephropathy experienced Bosh return more and more optimistic? Tencent sports September 24th (text ESPN News Network) Chris – Bosh’s physical examination results are not optimistic, the heat is not clear when he can come back. Bosh is not optimistic about the results of the physical examination of Bosh this week, the results showed that there are still some blood clots in his body, and may be related to the past two thrombosis experience. Now the heat is not clear whether Bosh can participate in the opening of the new season next week training camp, and even seriously doubt whether he can continue to play in the future. Today, the heat on the results of the Bosh issued a statement, and said that there is no timetable for the comeback of Bosh. "Miami and Bosh with the doctors and other doctors consultation in the past few months has been together, and strive to achieve the goal as soon as possible to return to the court of Bosh." Heat said in a statement, Bosh has now accepted his pre – season medical examination. The heat is sorry that Bosh’s body is still a blood clot, unable to resume basketball activities." For the desire to return to Bosh, this is undoubtedly a major setback in the past two seasons, he has been ahead of schedule due to thrombus reimbursement. Last season when Bosh appeared again after he found thrombosis, Miami doctors got a reluctant to hear the news. "Doctors told me that my season is, my occupation career is likely to end." Bosh said, "the doctor said, that’s what happened. I felt like I was sentenced to death." But stubborn Bosh believes that he can overcome the pain, so that basketball career has been extended. For the doctor’s advice, Bosh’s attitude is quite tough. "The doctor can tell me how how bad it is, but I do not buy it." Bosh continued, "I have the right to question and disagree with their judgment." In Bosh’s view, he continued to play is not a problem, the question is when to return to the stadium. "I know very well that I have enough talent and ability. I know I’m fine." Bosh said, so the key is not whether I can continue to play, but when to return to the stadium." Bosh comeback strong desire, but did not get a doctor’s permission, the heat will have a good reason not to let him go back to the stadium. So far, on the issue, Bosh and the heat of the conflict intensified, and even alerted the players union. Recently the heat gave Bosh the green light, allowing him to return, but the premise is to pass a medical examination. If the heat can get the doctor third party support, that Bosh has not been able to participate in occupation sports project, the next three years Bosh can still receive a salary of $75 million, but the money will not be included in the team’s cap. Prior to the season last season, Bosh averaged 19.1 points and 7.4 rebounds. Note: This article uses part of the The Associated Press report. (Zhang Lei) copyright statement: This article is the Tencent sports exclusive articles, without authorization, shall not be reproduced, otherwise it will pursue legal responsibilities.相关的主题文章: