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Marketing Public speaking is one of the best strategies for book marketing . However, many authors are quite introverted and very shy about speaking in public. I recall the story of an author who was so nervous about public speaking that he had to sit behind a desk to give his presentation so the public wouldn’t see his much his knees were shaking. Naturally, he wasn’t the most eloquent of speakers but this didn’t matter to his audience. They were more interested in the content of his presentation and eager for the unique opportunity to interact with the author. There are many excellent courses on public speaking and so if you are nervous about doing this then it would be worth your while to invest in a course. In addition, such a course in itself would be a great opportunity for you to publicise your book and perhaps attract new Joint Venture partners. Another reason why it is a good idea to hone your public speaking skills is because as a result of publishing your book you could be offered lots of speaking engagements. So the better you are at public speaking the more opportunities you will have to speak, to market your products and services and of course sell your book. However, if like many people, you’d rather die than speak in public there is an alternative. You can host teleseminars to talk about or explain your book. A great example of this is Raymond Aaron’s teleseminar series with Alex Mandossian for "The Secret to Doubling Your In.e Doing What You Love". Raymond Aaron is a New York Times bestselling author and he has used his bestselling book as the foundation for a five-module course which is delivered via a series of teleseminars. Another avenue to speak in public about your book is radio interviews. Radio interviews are a powerful method to generate publicity about your book. Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield extensively used radio interviews to market the very first "Chicken Soup for the Soul" book as did Robert Kiyosaki with"Rich Dad Poor Dad". It took 18 months but "Chicken Soup for the Soul" made it to number one on the New York Times bestseller list. The Chicken Soup series now has 200 titles in print, 144 million books sold and is translated in 41 different languages. Initially, bookstores didn’t want to stock Robert Kiyosaki’s "Rich Dad Poor Dad". He was told that the book "sucked" but during his radio interviews he would announce that his book was "available in bookstores everywhere". It was a stroke of marketing genius. People flocked to Borders and Barnes and Noble asking for this book but of course they didn’t have it. They were losing business. The demand for the book forced bookstores to supply it and it too went on to be.e a major bestseller, remaining on the New York Times bestseller list for many years. So whether you speak at live events, via teleseminars, on the radio or even on television the important thing is to use this book marketing strategy. Speak about your book in as many places and as frequently as possible if you want to boost the sales of your book. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: