Blood cloth three double 14 paratelum gas to go Zhuangshen sun wins the piston (video)

Blood cloth three double 14 paratelum gas to go Zhuangshen sun wins the piston [collection] piston 100-107 solar eukaryotic blood cloth three double singled out two men killed game Tencent sports news November 10th Feinikesi suns today against the Detroit pistons home court, the first section of the sun on the team behind the two digits, but the leader Brad paratelum scored 14 cable the team divided into reverse. The Suns won 107-100 to avoid losing streak, the team this season, four games to win. Blood cloth to play well data, "Drummond" scored 18 points, 15 rebounds and 4 assists, pop contributed 27 points and 6 rebounds, Marcus – Maurice 16 points. The Suns Brad scored 21 points and 11 rebounds 8 assists, three double, Buck 11 minutes from the second half, TJ- Warren 18, Lane 16 points and 14 rebounds, substitute Jared Dudley scored 19 points and 5 rebounds, Tyson – Chandler, the main center of the death of his mother absent. The opening attacks for the first time, Brad assists Ryan air dunks, then "blood cloth" has hit, the Suns start 4-0. The pistons then force "Zhuangshen" inside and scored, in a rare break assists pop air ground. Harris subsequently find opportunities to dunk, pop again three points, the pistons 26-16 achieved two digit advantage. The sun can only rely on free throws, the first section of 19-28 behind. The second section in the rotation stage, the Suns Leandro Barbosa and Dudley veteran turns scored three points, the sun hit 20-8 climax, in one fell swoop counter ultra score. Piston Smith even voted with a penalty to get 4 points, Harris dedication buckle, the pistons to lead. But Dudley feel hot eyesight, "blood cloth" also scored three points, single Suns scored 35 points, 54-51 halftime lead. In the second half, the Suns scored three points in a row, giving him a "God" rebound. Then the "village god" two times in a row inside scored, gave Ryan a Hot pot, Detroit 60-59 counter ultra. The first half of "swallow eggs" buck suddenly broke out, scored 8 points, the Suns lead to 68-60. At the end of the festival the Suns repeatedly opened the score, but the pistons Joan leuer and pop in the final 40 seconds have hit three points, helping the pistons to chase the score 76-81. The distal pistons offensive unabated, pop Biao in three minute, leuer beaten back 2+1, followed by three points, two people led a 9-0 run in the counter ultra score less than two minutes, forcing the Suns suspended. The Suns ahead send the main force, the "blood" in the process of foreign investment even get 10 points, including two full one-stop counter layup, Ryan also completed dunks with both hands, the Suns ahead 96-90. Although the Pope and the "village god" goal to chase points, but the last 46 seconds by Maurice Ryan steals, Brad jumper cable drift victory. Final suns win at home 107-100. The first two pistons: Ishmael – Smith, Kentawei Oswald – Devielle – Card – Harris, Marcus Popper, Tobias – Maurice, Andre – Drummond Eric – Brad: Sun cable, German -, TJ- Warren, Booker Kido – Chris, alex.相关的主题文章: