Bill Watson | Oct 31st 2006 – A look at the 2006 mid-term elections and their possible effect on American politics. The 2006 Congressional mid-term elections are just around the corner. In many ways this election is a pivotal point for both the Democrat and Republican parties. For over a decade the Republican party has maintained control … Tags 保安终被美院录取

The Reasons We Go To War By: Rick Kimball | Nov 11th 2015 – A simple yet powerful piece about war and how it shapes the landscapes of many nations. Find out why United States go to war and what its effects on everyone. Tags: The Best Way To Profit Handsomely From The Failure Of The Travel Agent Industry By: Marianne B. Conway | Mar 20th 2013 – Contrary to what 1 might think, the tragic events of 911 and the subsequent "war on terror" have not stopped people from traveling. In fact, the demand for travel has actually been growing, mostly due to the ever-increasing numbers of retired baby boomers who love to travel. Now, the travel industry is generating annual rev … Tags: Will Al-qaeda Ever Die? By: tishbite | May 9th 2012 – The US and the rest of the world community has launched an aggressive campaign against al-Qaeda. The war on terror. This campaign has been successful but costly. The cost is neccessary because it has to be done. There are symptoms that the organization is in decline and I believe that it will fade a Tags: Al Qaeda Is Definitely Hurting But We Need To Be Careful By: tishbite | Apr 3rd 2012 – Al Qaeda began the present war on terror with a spectacular sneak attack back in 2001. The United States then went on the offensive and developed technology which made it easier to track the terrorists and destroy them. The ranks of al Qaeda have been decimated by the US drone attacks. Tags: The Pakistanis Rebuke Afghanistan By: tishbite | Dec 8th 2011 – The Pakistanis have been implicit in so many schemes against the US and NATO that there in no way that they can talk themselves out of world suspicion. Tags: Nato Finally Criticizes Pakistan By: tishbite | Nov 8th 2011 – The US and NATO have finally began to tighten up on the Pakistanis for their inactivity when help was needed. I believe that if the Pakistanis would help out more the war on terror would be much farther along than it is. Tags: The Philosophies Of The Bush And Obama Administrations On Terror By: tishbite | Jul 28th 2011 – The initial philosophy that we used to fight the war on terror was good but it did not really apply to that war. A new philosophy had to be determined which changed our tactics to fit the war. Tags: The Us Unveils A New Plan To Fight Al-qaeda By: tishbite | Jul 20th 2011 – The war on terror has changed since its inception. The change in tactics requires a change in the way that we will fight the war. Tags: The President"��s Strategy For Afghanistan By: tishbite | Jul 7th 2011 – US strategy has made a drastic change in the region causing the situation there to turn around. This will cause a change in the way we fight this war in the future. Tags: A Fast Analysis Of The War On Terror By: tishbite | Jul 5th 2011 – There are many pros and cons that go along with the current war on terror. The question at the end of the day remains and probably can’t be answered. Was it worth it all? Tags: The Military Drone Is Here To Stay By: tishbite | Jun 30th 2011 – The military drone has made its mark in the war on terror and is definitely here to stay. The drone can be used for a variety of purposes and has proven it’s effictiveness in Afghanistan and Iraq. Tags: Pakistan’s Role In The War On Terror By: duanflj7za | Jun 14th 2011 – Pakistan’s role in the War on Terror was initiated by the September 11 attacks in the United States in 2001 on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. These acts were a new manifestation of terrorism, which altogether changed the political psyche of the world. The problem of terrorism, which had been confined to small grou … Tags: What Is The Future Of The War On Terror By: tishbite | Jun 14th 2011 – The war on terror is poised to make a dramatic change. The new technology which was developed and rushed into the field has made the difference for our military. The question now is how will the terror organizations that we fight adapt to our new strategies and how will we adapt to their changers? Tags: Is Al-qaeda On It"��s Last Legs By: tishbite | May 31st 2011 – Now that these facts have become evident I place more of the blame for the largest security breech in the history of the Army on Pfc Manning’s chain of command. Tags: The Bin Laden"��s Family Concerns By: tishbite | May 12th 2011 – The family of deposed al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden have voiced their concerns over his demise and the US operation to take him out. Tags: What Is The Future For The War On Terror By: tishbite | May 11th 2011 – I hope that our national security advisors realize that we are on the precipice of victory in our war on terror. The near future is a critical time in this war and the actions that we take right now can spell the difference between victory and defeat. Tags: Read All About Osama"��s Death With Wireless Internet By: Adam Hampton | May 11th 2011 – On May 1, 2011 "�" almost 10 years after the brutal 9/11 attacks "�" the United States government killed Osama Bin Laden. While no one assumed that Bin Laden being dead would instantly end organized terrorism springing from the Middle East, his death is a major symbolic event in the United States"�� war on terror. Tags: Politics Of The Persian Gulf War By: tishbite | Feb 17th 2011 – This article takes a look at some of the factors which effect the ongoing war on terror. Tags: Our Mistaken Assumptions About The War On Terror By: tishbite | Jan 25th 2011 – We have lost the lives of many of our troops and are responsible for the loss of the lives of many innocent civilians because of our miscalculations about the war on terror. Tags: Factors Which Influence Our Relationship With Pakistan By: tishbite | Jan 11th 2011 – The relationship between the US and Pakistan is a very delicate one which the US must handle with care.. Tags: There Are Some Benefits Of The War On Terror By: tishbite | Dec 15th 2010 – There are some positive benefits of the war on terror. Tags: How Should We Have Fought The War On Terror By: tishbite | Nov 19th 2010 – We are fighting a war nine years after we started because we assumed that we could wipe out an enemy. If we had thought things through we may have done it differently. Tags: The Reasons We Are Winning The War On Terror By: tishbite | Nov 8th 2010 – We had to change our expectations in order to put ourselves in a position to win the war on terror. Tags: How Personal Development Can Change Our World By: Willie Horton | Sep 30th 2010 – Personal development is not personal. No one is an island. Your own personal development journey has to be, dy definition, inter-personal. And it is collectively that like-minded people might just make a difference in a world that is so badly in need of change. If you want to change your life, you’ve got to influence your e … Tags: Can Soldiers’ Hearing Be Saved? By: John Chambers | Aug 30th 2010 – Marines and soldiers sent to Iraq or Afghanistan only to encounter roadside firefights and bombings come home in epidemic quantities with a huge problem known as hearing impairment along with ringing in their ears so the military saw the need for protecting the troops from noise more this time. Loss of hearing comes on top … Tags: It"��s Howdy Doody Time! By: Moshe Sharon | Jul 21st 2010 – In the 1950’s, everyday at 4:00 P.M. it was Howdy Doody time on TV. Howdy Doody was a speech-making puupet with someone pulling the strings off camera. He had a cheerleader named Buffalo Bob who lead a cheering section of pre-schoolers called "the peanut gallery". Then there was a mute clown named Clarabell who communicated … Tags: We May Need To Conduct Military Operations In Pakistan By: tishbite | Jun 13th 2010 – Terrorist operations in Pakistan are picking up in intensity. The United States needs to have an option to conduct operations in this country. Tags: Can Our Military Continue To Keep Terrorism Away From Our Borders? By: tishbite | Jun 10th 2010 – Our military has done a wonderful job of keeping terrorism out of this country, but the question is how long can they continue to do so? Tags: Returning Soldiers By: soldier | Jun 1st 2009 – The War on Terror coming to an end, it is time for our soldiers to return to their home according to the Iraq De-Escalation Act. Some of these returning soldiers would also be wounded and in need of a lot of support and understanding. Indeed so many of our soldiers have been fighting this battle at Iraq for so many days and … Tags: Are The Wars On Terror Winnable By: Jacek Popiel | May 31st 2009 – Success in the conflicts under the war on terror umbrella is only partly dependent on military force. The real key is the US policy towards the subject populations. Tags: A Wobbling Gift Idea For Army Man’s Wife By: Dustin Wai | May 18th 2009 – Women wedded to army men, quite often, have to spend lonely time waiting for their hubbies to return from duty. Be it in Afghanistan or Iraq, war on terror has taken its toll on the mental health of army men’s wives. Tags: American Soldiers Turning To Alcohol 2 By: Dennis_Draking | Feb 24th 2009 – The War in Iraq started out as a war on Terror and troops went overseas willingly to protect American’s honor, but things have changed in the years that have passed. Troops who have returned from active duty in Iraq after years in a war are coming home with suffering from depression and PTSD. They are pleading with the gov … Tags: Petroleum Vs. Biofuels By: Josh Skandar | Nov 11th 2007 – Natural fuels are a hot topic, but the drawback is that they aren’t competitive, price-wise. They still need taxpayer support to match oil prices. Tags: All About The X200xpi Device By: SevenbInfrared | May 17th 2007 – X200XPi device are used extensively by US armed forces an US law enforcement to fight the war on terror, home land security and of surveillance application. This device has the capability for detecting humans up to 450 meters (1,500 feet), about the length of four foot ball fields, to have an improved image processing. Tags: We Can Begin The World Again By: eileen fleming | Nov 29th 2006 – "The Peace of the World begins in Jerusalem" -Rev. Theodore Hessburgh 6/26/05 Tags: Will 2006 Be A Turning Point In American Politics? By: Bill Watson | Oct 31st 2006 – A look at the 2006 mid-term elections and their possible effect on American politics. The 2006 Congressional mid-term elections are just around the corner. In many ways this election is a pivotal point for both the Democrat and Republican parties. For over a decade the Republican party has maintained control … Tags: Birth Pangs Of A Third Awakening By: eileen fleming | Sep 27th 2006 – After Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s remarks at the U.N., during which he referred to President Bush as "the devil"… Tags: Seniors! Do You Have An Exit Strategy By: Steve Lover | Sep 3rd 2006 – Do you have too much money tied up tax deferred plans? There are some important things you need to think about as you do your planning. Tags: Macaca And Terror Politics – America Is Headed The Wrong Way! By: James Opiko | Aug 29th 2006 – "Let’s give a welcome to Macaca, here. Welcome to America and the real world of Virginia." — Sen. George Allen, Republican Presidential hopeful calling a student of Indian descent a "Monkey" in coded racist language. Allen then began talking about the "war on terror." The recent terror arrests in Britain sho … Tags: British Lead Property Surge Into Monaco By: Roger Munns | Aug 6th 2006 – In the mid 90’s Russians brought suitcases of cash to the Cote d’Azur and Monaco to buy property , but a decade later it’s the British – using conventional banking methods and with it a degree of respectability – who are investing in Europe’s top tax haven. While the British have been players in the region fo … Tags: The West Should Step Out Of The United Nations By: Robert Maegh | Feb 21st 2006 – The United Nations, actually ruled by Arab and Third World dictatorships, fails in its duties. There is no distinction between aggressor and defender. The Democratic states are voted out and the rules are changed. Genocide is almost an internal affair of the respective states and terrorism is not considered as an aggressive … Tags: Wahabism The Evil Roots Of Muslim Terrorism By: Robert Maegh | Feb 10th 2006 – The Wahabi teachings in Saudi Arabia and now all around the world can be considered as the origin of terrorism. As long as these radical Muslim teachings are not eradicated, terror will not stop. Tags: Enticing New Employees With Corporate Stability By: Alesia Benedict, CPRW, JCTC | Dec 13th 2005 – Employment is on the rise and with it, the return to attractive compensation packages and salary levels. After several down years in the employment market that was the result of the normalization of an inflated stock market and the beginning of the War on Terror, employers are constructing compensation packages with an eye … Tags: 相关的主题文章: