Bhutan’s deputy Dorji Robn, a visit to the Buddhist Association of China

Bhutan’s deputy Dorji Robn, a visiting Buddhist Association Chinese late on October 29, 2016, Dorji Robn, a visit to Bhutan by the Buddhist Association of Chinese. (source: China Buddhist Association) gifts (source: Chinese Buddhist Association) photo (source: China Buddhist Association) the evening of October 29, 2016, President of the Buddhist Association of China Xue Cheng monk in Beijing Guangji temple hall of Huaiyuan met with him vice king Dorji Robn, Bhutan Bhutan agriculture minister · Yeshe Dorje; a line of 8 people. Bhutan’s guests are invited to visit China at the invitation of the Ministry of foreign affairs, accompanied by the relevant personnel of the Asian Department of the Ministry of foreign affairs. They had a friendly conversation. During the meeting, the first visit of vice president Xuecheng King line, welcome and greetings. On the morning of the delegation’s visit to Fujian, the end of the day, it was concluded that Fujian was his hometown, and he was very happy to have the opportunity to receive the distinguished guests from bhutan. The president said Bhutan as a link to the Northeast Asia and South Asian countries, in recent years also to the national Index (Happiness) and the world famous. He mentioned that Bhutan Chongxin National School of Tibetan Buddhism belief is well known, is located in the Taktshang Goemba of Bhutan but not Bhutan’s most sacred Buddhist temple, but also for China’s Tibetan Buddhist believers of the Holy land. Xuecheng president also asked the delegation to convey my Buddhism with Jigme · Singer · Wangchuck and the king of Bhutan greeting; Vice Minister of agriculture, he wishes a follow-up visit to Sichuan, Tibet travel successfully, delegation in China during the period of good luck. Bhutan agriculture minister · Dorji on behalf of the regiment Yeshe; your busy schedule to meet President of sincere tribute and thank you very much. He said it was a great honor and pleasure to come to Beijing for the first time and walk into the Buddhist temple in china. He expressed his thanks for the invitation of the Chinese government and the warm reception of the Chinese government. He hopes to Jigme · Singer · Wangchuck king and Xi Jinping under the leadership of the president, in the joint efforts of the two peoples, the future will be more brilliant and more beautiful. During the meeting, sir Dorji Dorji Robn on behalf of Yeshe · vice King expressed to establish and deepen bilateral friendly exchanges between the desire of buddhism. After the meeting, the two sides exchanged souvenirs and posed for pictures. Professor Cheng is also a banquet hall in Huaiyuan, Bhutan VIP line.相关的主题文章: