Beijing University of Chinese Medicine held a Xinglin public record space launch education

Beijing University of Chinese Medicine held a "Xinglin" public record space launch education September 2 Beijing Xinhua (Xiong Xu Li Yihuan) yesterday, "Xinglin" multi-creation space launch ceremony was held at the Hepingli campus of the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. It is reported that the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine "Xinglin" public record space covers an area of 800 square meters, mainly including "Xinglin" public record space, employment and entrepreneurship services for three parts and business hall diagnosis room. The "Xinglin" public record space both for business students provided by the station (45), and provide a meeting room, leisure area, mentor consulting room, integrated office, aims to provide a one-stop service platform, management consulting, counseling and service for students’ entrepreneurship. In addition, there are 90 square meters of entrepreneurial Laboratory (carve it), for college students to provide entrepreneurship training, brainstorming, business negotiations, team building exchange area. According to reports, the current through the submission of applications, data review, interviews and other procedures in the layers of selection, a "Xinglin" student entrepreneurial company has 19 public record space. Different from ordinary public record space, "Xinglin" public record space in the selection of entrepreneurial projects, an important indicator of the respect is whether Chinese medicine is in accordance with the law of its own development, TCM academic connotation and characteristics. Therefore, their selection and hatching entrepreneurial projects have distinct features of Chinese medicine, whether products, culture, services and other types of entrepreneurial projects are developed based on the traditional Chinese medicine on the system, based on the demands of society also has a culture of Chinese medicine education and the function of communication. The relevant responsible person said, from the functional point of view, "Xinglin" public record space is not only the innovation and entrepreneurship education and incubation platform, the more important is that it also has a role in the dissemination of culture of Chinese medicine. "Xinglin" public record space, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine is a powerful action to implement the national public entrepreneurship, innovation "development strategy, will play a positive role in promoting the prosperity of the cause of traditional Chinese medicine. (commissioning editor: Li Yihuan (Intern), Xiong Xu)相关的主题文章: