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Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen media to talk about the new rules of the car: at least more secure – Sohu news Xinmin weekly WeChat public news on October 9th, I knew that the network about the car is dead. We asked to sit around the network about the car, how much is the Shanghai household registration driver? 5 illegal parking will not be able to register the driver, the airport station can not be about the network! We are easy to go to China in charge of the money have to pay close attention to the use of ah!" This is a lawyer friend last night in a circle of friends tucao. I think, this man must have gabrielle! Since the new network about the car came out, I advocate actively from not one, nor an active practitioner. Of course, this is not I have seasoned with the times — about the car network decoupling I still use, but only occasionally in compelling circumstances. Let the original fare discount to the analogy of illegal operation disabled car, I also on the net about the car a contemptuous disregard. The reason is very simple – no invoices, unsafe. I want to compare the value of the invoice is not reimbursed fare, but — ask for invoice is the basic rights of consumers, do not invoice, what kind of formal service providers? Not safe, that is not to say I was a little afraid of beauty or fear of being robbed, robbing the key. For example, I downloaded a new taxi software. Obviously I was in Shanghai, met a northern accent of the driver quickly grab a single, and then call, said to add my WeChat, and then have a refund, in the back of the cost of WeChat. In fact, he is in order to fill a single amount in order to obtain the company award only, but my first single discount coupons to waste. Used to know about the car, those companies are required to wear a uniform driver, and in the customer service survey has this one – the driver is formally dressed. However, I’ve never seen a uniformed driver. Once the head of Shanghai’s poor uncle, but mostly dressed in uniforms, and then taxi back white sofa is the best car rental. Unfortunately, some people have proposed not environmentally friendly and withdrawn. I think, is not environmentally friendly washing, rather than washing itself. Put forward "not environmentally friendly", I am afraid that their own meals have to wash dishes, but also with water detergent, the key is how to use. Okay. October 8th, the Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission issued the "Beijing network booking taxi business service management rules (Draft)". "The draft" proposed network about car driver must be Beijing city residence, Beijing has issued a driver’s license, age 60 years old male, female 55 years of age, physical health, the application, the first 1 years without driving more than 5 times of road traffic safety violations, serious violations are not included in the taxi information library. On the same day, the Shanghai Municipal Transportation Commission issued the "Shanghai network booking taxi service management provisions (Draft)", for public comment. "Regulations" (Draft) clear, engaged in the network in Shanghai about the operation of the car service driver, the city should have an account. Interim Measures of Shenzhen Municipality on the administration of business service of Shenzhen network booking taxi (Draft for comment). The provisions of the Shenzhen city about the car driver must have the city’s household registration or hold a valid residence permit Shenzhen special economic zone. Many people!相关的主题文章: