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Beijing: official network about cars is to set the threshold of "urban diseases" governance requirements yesterday, a bus driver is driving the vehicle. Beijing network about the rules of the car yesterday to solicit opinions, in the future in Beijing engaged in the operation of the network about the vehicle and the driver must have a Beijing household". Yesterday, Chaoyang District boziwan, a first steam car operators about the vehicle on the road. This version of the Beijing News reporter Wang Guibin Beijing News yesterday afternoon, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, four simultaneous release of the taxi industry reform and the network about the implementation of the rules of the car management draft. In four to develop a network of about car management rules, Beijing and Shanghai on the network about the driver of the household registration requirements, non local household registration drivers may not engage in the operation of the network about the car. The car can change the vehicle car operating properties of the Beijing Municipal Traffic Commission yesterday released the official website of Beijing "on deepening reform and promoting the healthy development of the taxi industry (hereinafter referred to as the" implementation of the views of the opinions, the "Beijing city network) booking taxi management service management regulations" (hereinafter referred to as the rules) and the "Beijing city private car carpool guidance". The three draft for public comment from October 8th to October 14th. The implementation of the opinions, the right to operate the new car will be implemented during the parade, parade and encourage car operators about the car network platform company take merger and reorganization, the absorption in the form of old and new business integration and development. Network about the car, according to the rules, in the future in Beijing engaged in the operation of the network about the vehicle and the driver must have a Beijing household". Specific requirement is that the network about the driver of the car is the Beijing household registration, Beijing issued the corresponding quasi driving license. For the requirements of the vehicle, Beijing license plate of the vehicle, meet in Beijing city announced the latest implementation of motor vehicle emission standards. According to the detailed rules for the implementation of article thirteenth of the content, apply to become a private car network about the car operation is possible, as long as the applicant after examination, obtain "online booking taxi driver card" and the network about signing car platform. It should be noted that, before the application of private cars to become a network about the vehicle operation, the need to agree to change the nature of the vehicle registration for the appointment of rental passenger vehicles. Net about car prices to implement the market price adjustment in accordance with the rules, the network about the price of the car to implement market regulation price, if necessary, the implementation of government guidance price. About the car network platform company to advance publicity pricing rules, taxi pricing and price standard, according to the provisions of the price tag, the taxi pricing shall comply with the relevant provisions of the state and the city of Beijing City, and provide rent invoices shall not infringe the legitimate rights and interests of the passenger car. Prior to the price war between the network about the car platform is also prohibited. The provisions about the car network platform company shall have the legitimate rights and interests and disrupt the normal market order, impair public interests or other operators in violation of price law, including to exclude competitors or dominate the market at below cost price operation, abuse of market dominance with unfair price operation. Does this mean that the future can’t hit the cheapest car? In this regard, Chen Yanyan, Professor of Beijing University of Technology, said the car is just a cheap platform just to occupy the market, to attract users when a phenomenon of early subsidies, has exceeded相关的主题文章: