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Beijing in February 15th next year in the country I car within five working days of the original title: unified limit line of Beijing Tianjin Hebei air pollution standard heavy air pollution emergency plan "will no longer publish revised closed limit line yesterday across the board" country I of China II car working day rings in the middle and primary schools, the latest revision of the "Beijing City air pollution emergency plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan" released "). From December 15th onwards, in case of heavy air pollution orange and red warning, the first and second national emission standards for light gasoline vehicles ban. In addition, from February 15, 2017 onwards, the city of the city and other towns of the country I emission standards in China II and light-duty gasoline vehicles, the implementation of the five ring (not included) within the road work on the limit line. It is understood that the move will involve nearly 400 thousand cities in the country I, country ii. JINGWAH Times reporter Jia Ting. Released in Beijing Tianjin Hebei unified heavy air pollution standards according to the reporter, Beijing city was first released in 2012 the implementation of air pollution emergency plan?? this is the fourth amendment. Relevant responsible person said, summing up the past experience, to reflect the problems in the implementation of the emergency plan, in accordance with the overall measures is not reduced, the key measures to strengthen measures to optimize the local refinement, the principle of adjustment of the contingency plan was revised. In accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of environmental protection, Beijing, Tianjin and unified warning grading standards, taking into account the high concentration of pollutants in a single day of the factors. The emergency plan comparing two versions of the discovery, among them, blue, yellow and white the same starting condition of early warning, and red orange signal warning standard addition to pollution of high concentration of a single day. Specifically, starting conditions for early warning: blue warning for the future there will be 1 days of severe pollution; yellow is forecast for 2 consecutive days and above the severe pollution; orange prediction for 3 consecutive days of severe pollution, of which 1 days to serious pollution; the red warning forecast for 4 successive days and more severe pollution 2 days to serious pollution; or daily air quality index (AQI) reached 500, to start the red warning. According to the preferred cut high pollution emission car principle, orange signal warning implementation of emergency measures, the city’s I, II national emission standards for petrol cars and construction waste, soil, gravel transport vehicle ban; red warning in orange signal warning on the basis of the implementation of single and double the number of driving other vehicles (except electric vehicle). This also means that the new plan started in December 15th after the implementation, as long as the release of heavy air pollution warning in red or orange signal warning, I and II in emission vehicles is prohibited on the road to strengthen motor vehicle pollution emission reduction efforts. "Red Alert" closed schools considering the differences, regional air quality of school teaching conditions set by the District, many factors and students suspended relates to the care of the parents, teaching arrangements and other emergency measures, the newly revised "plan" will be differentiated. The red warning in case of heavy pollution, before the City Board of education unified announced the suspension, and later by the district education departments under the territorial arrangements. The "plan" will be unified closed measures adjusted by city and district education department according to the actual situation of local schools, 7 children, guide相关的主题文章: