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Writing Nora Roberts is one American author who has never got it wrong, as far as her novels go. She found her voice in the field of writing and has never looked back ever since. Its been decades since her first book was published, she has drifted in various genres with equal aplomb and still hasnt lost her touch. The title Morrigans Cross is a book which is slightly difficult to describe, as the events in the novel take place both in the present time and centuries ago. Confused? Read the book once, youll soon gain clarity (we understand youd rather read Partners). In Present and Past at the Same Time Waiting for Partners (eagerly) from Nora Roberts is a tough ask though we can suggest some remedial action. Morrigans Cross is a good way to get addicted to her writing style which is intensely gripping to say the least. She mixes both the contemporary and historical elements in the book, and the story starts in the 12th century though the story doesnt remain there. The story jumps back into the present in Ireland and New York. The way the two eras have been meshed together in the story is a stroke of genius only possible with Nora Roberts. At no point of time do the readers feel lost in the storyline while following the characters. The reaction of characters to the way they respond to the challenges thrown by life is especially interesting. Well Developed Characters Morgans Cross contains a large number of characters, each of them so unique, that they create tremendous interest among the readers. These characters are extremely well developed, so much so that the readers get surprised by the attention to detail given by Nora Roberts. There is a 21st century witch, a 12th century sorcerer just read the book to know more about them. An Unlikely Team That Works Well All the characters soon come to rely on each other in beautiful ways; each of them begins to rely on the others strengths, so they may overcome their own weaknesses. Its incredible to see how Nora Roberts creates a team out of vampires and vampire hunters (the team incredibly works extremely well). The story paces correctly, complete as it is with the action sequences and character descriptions. Apocalypse Is Impending An apocalypse is impending, and the way Morrigans Cross shapes up brings together a random group together to fight a vampire queen and her team. It looks, at times, like a science fiction but is actually more of a romance novel with its passionate scenes and paranormal influences thrown in for effect. The dialogs are just right for the story, complete with witty moments which will make you laugh. Expect Every Page to Be Interesting Readers may expect consistent smiles and tears throughout the book, so one thing is guaranteed, the interest will always be there you just cannot ignore whats going on. Nora Roberts is a prolific writer who has delivered slightly less than two hundred novels, and more than 75% of those titles went on to become New York Times bestsellers. About the Author: The author Prasoon Kumar works for which is the leading online bookstore that offers all the current and all time great titles at never before prices. Her books have also been converted into movies; make sure you read Partners by Nora Roberts before it becomes a movie. Grab your copy of Partners by Nora Roberts at huge discount only at ..uread../book/partners-nora-roberts/9780263874693 Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: