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"Battle of Yichang" is about to wrap up Xu Jia: look forward to have more breakthroughs – Entertainment Sohu Xu Jia Xu Jia led the mass transfer to Japanese Sohu entertainment by Xu Jia, starring Lei Tong, the war drama "battle of Yichang" will usher in the finale on the night, with the ups and downs of the plot development, played by Xu Jia Hu most resourceful, fear danger, lead you to ride the battlefield fighting, after watching the audience have said, "Hu Shaoxiao says, people inherent in a death, the death. I am committed to the Chinese, though much will punish". Although Hu Yisheng is a fictional character in the historical context, but he gave his life with his superb acting skills, so that he was deeply printed in the hearts of the audience. The enemy courageously Xu Jia where emotion highly anticipated "battle of Yichang" since its launch, by virtue of the historical height reduction and loved by the masses. Xu Jia’s Hu Yisheng in the national crisis when no retreat, as Jiangfang army liaison officer to help traffic Minister Lu Zuofu and Minsheng company to do all the work for the Yichang large transport security. Transit has suffered several Japanese bombing, by virtue of their excellent water ability and organizational ability, and actively organize the Yichang community investment withdrawal work, when in distress not panic disorder, deployment strategy, led by everyone and the Japanese army to fight, the evacuation miraculously completed. In the rush to the rescue with Jiangfang date should be the battle to defend Yichang and witness general Zhang Zi-zhong led 200 people died on the battlefield, death squads reached the Japanese army, recaptured the remains of Zhang Zi-zhong. Xu Jia created the Anti Japanese hero Hu Yisheng not only have the courage and seek their disregard of life and death, it is in the "enemy of me, I have the enemy" in fear, at any time to protect our homes and defend our country in the first place. Every drop of blood, has become the most noble hero Xu respect. The frequent fierce battle, so that everyone has forgotten immersed in love. Hu Yisheng is a jagged tough guy, but also to a true man of tenderness. Screenwriter Hu Yisheng emotional line with the rolling wheel of history together, so that with the story slowly unfold, although not dominant but also a faint heartbeat. Beautiful and juntong agent Jiang Meiyun, gentle and honest Frank Ning Jingni field doctor Tujia girl Simei, in contact with Hu Yisheng, gradually produced a feeling of love for the. However, the cruel war makes Simei father died to save him, Ning Jingni’s father, because they face discipline fell to his guns,, Hu Yisheng filled with tangled and confused, he can not make a choice; in front of the national cause, he is unable to let private emotions affect the battle. Although Jiang Meiyun in the Anti Japanese in the process of alternate feelings, feelings gradually warming up, but still love peace, love and war is rare, ending where to go? Where Hu Yisheng will return to the emotion? The audience is also looking forward to this. Xu Jia: the fear of being stereotyped, attempting more breakthroughs as everyone knows, this is Xu Jia military origin, with big eyes and bushy eyes from the bones, upright, with a soldier’s rigid temperament. It was his decision to take the battle of Yichang, because he had made so many of them.相关的主题文章: