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Badaling wild zoo reopened   the beast area not open car —   public opinion channel — original title: Badaling wild zoo reopened yesterday (25 days), Beijing Badaling wild animal world resumed business in tiger wounding, but temporarily closed when the Siberian Tiger Park, self driving tour suspended beast area, tourists need to ride park tour, the park service facilities normal operation. Visitors said that as long as the compliance with the provisions of the park, do not worry about security issues. The zoo said that the wounded tiger will not be executed, or permanently captive. The beast area not open car at 8 yesterday, the Badaling wild animal world business recovery. Beijing Morning Post reporter saw some visitors to the Badaling Great Wall began to buy tickets into the park. More than 10 points, the basic parking spaces in the park. Enter the park, the reporter saw, the tourist area of the entrance sign shows the beast area for the line transformation, such as the beast area tour, self driving tourists to the ark square transfer park tour car. The conductor told reporters that the beast area line transformation completion date is uncertain, the same way to travel in other areas. On the tour, the park bears, tigers and other beasts from time to time in the car. Car tourists have stood up to take pictures. In the beast area can be seen at the sign reads "no off". About half an hour’s car ride, visitors get off to another park tour. Visitors do not worry about security issues on the tour, many tourists have expressed concern about the tiger wounding incident. A tourist said that although the news is very scary, but it will not affect them to visit. With the child came to the tourists, Ms. Song said, read the news that the wild animals in the world began to operate, specifically with children to see. "Came to know can not drive, compared to some of the boring before. Now only in the car to watch, which is not the difference between the Beijing zoo." Tourists often said that before the end of the summer, with the son of animals like to see tigers, lions and other wild animals. If you can drive, of course, closer to the animal than now. In fact, I do not worry about security issues, as long as they do not open the door, do not get off, it will not be attacked by wild animals." He said that in the car before the conductor has repeatedly reminded, can not get off. There is no security measures, as long as the visitors comply with the provisions, I do not think there will be an accident." Yesterday, the head of the Department of marketing, Badaling wildlife world Cao said that after the first day of business to rectify the business in January, not much traffic. In addition, he said, wounding the tiger did not sentenced to death, or will be permanently captive. How to deal with, and now no results." (reporter Zhang Jingya clue: Mr. Chen (Zhu Minggang), commissioning editor: Wang Xiaohua)相关的主题文章: