Men’s online shopping block found in line with the advertising campaign thousands of miles to Yiwu r soulseek

Men’s online shopping block found inconsistent with the ads running thousands of miles to Yiwu activist October 27th lunch break, Yiwu City Consumer Protection Committee Office sounded a string of knock on the door. "I am from Shanxi, but I can not find the right to sell products in Yiwu, please help me." Knock on the door of the man surnamed Zhang, holding a piece of watches, looks relatively new. Mr. Zhang said that this watch is the end of September from the Internet to the Amoy, upon receipt of the goods found, with advertising is big, so I want to back, went to Yiwu to return, but can not find the seller. Online shopping and advertising does not match the seller refused to return Mr. Zhang said he was on the phone to see this watch ads, style atmosphere, fine workmanship, but as long as the price of 298 yuan, is very exciting. Mr. Zhang carefully asked the seller, that Seller in Yiwu city streets under the village quay operation. After the two sides confirmed the details of the goods and shopping, mr.. In October 2nd, he received a parcel mailed, opened a look, some disappointed, and the advertising is relatively large." Because the consumer protection law, the provisions of the purchase of goods within 7 days from the date of arrival can be no reason to return, Mr. Zhang immediately communicate with the sale of watches business. He proposed to replace the same watch with the advertisement, the other party did not promise. Zhang proposed refund, merchants refused. Mr. Zhang is annoyed, decided from Shanxi to Yiwu, to find the seller rights. In October 25th, he set out from Shanxi to Xinzhou, to train twice, spanning 1550 kilometers, arrived in Yiwu on October 27th. According to Mr. Zhang had business address, came to the village quay Yiwu city streets, looking for watch sales businesses, the results find a circle did not find, so think of the Consumer Protection Commission to seek help. The seller refunds mediation by law enforcement officers also pay the fare to understand the situation, Yiwu City Consumer Protection Committee market supervision of the crowded city Yiwu City, accompanied by Mr. Zhang to let them find the seller under the village quay on the other hand; shopping "to Yiwu city network management supervision and management office, by the technical staff to carry out search. Technical staff access to the shopping platform where the registration information, the platform operated by a Agel Ecommerce Ltd in Yiwu, registered address in Beiyuan street. Beiyuan market supervision staff according to the enterprise registration information, contact the shopping platform operator, the platform operator provides watch sales business contact, and law enforcement officers together through mediation. When the parties agreed to return a refund for consumers, and to compensate consumers fare back and forth, a total of 730 yuan. Mr. Zhang expressed satisfaction with the results of the mediation, happy to take the train back home. Extended reading online shopping to pay attention to what matters "double 11" is approaching, Yiwu city market authority to remind consumers, online shopping do not impulse spending, to avoid unnecessary waste; pay attention to online shopping commodity price changes, the price of the best through multiple platforms, a variety of channels to understand the purchase of goods or services, do not be fooled by false don’t fall into the trap of low-quality discount; online shopping orders must sign before unpacking, in case of discrepancies should be refused, keep shopping vouchers and necessary packaging, to facilitate the return; be sure to choose the regular shopping site shopping, do not click on the page.相关的主题文章:

Harbin Police remediation Qunli homes surrounding illegal parking violations such as double utc行家

Harbin Police regulation group homes surrounding double illegally parked violations recently, Harbin Police Department stepped up to the homes of the area surrounding the vehicle Qunli oblique, multiple rows of illegally parked illegally parked, door blocking road illegally parked, auxiliary road on both sides of the bus station, parking illegally parked, and zombie car punishment, at the same time step by step optimize the area surrounding parking facilities, to better facilitate the residents according to the standard, according to the line, according to the position, to regulate parking. Qunli District Rongjiang Road, Longhu Road, Dianchi road is the main road home district surrounding Qunli, in recent years, residential occupancy rate increased year by year, motor vehicle parking, blocking the way the passage has become increasingly prominent. Traffic police in rural areas in the near future to increase the number of vehicles parked illegally investigated. Mark the parking stop to oblique driver parked illegally fined 100 yuan on the morning of 17, although has been at work, home Qunli A District No. 1 in front of the door on both sides of the road are still scattered many parked cars, most of the vehicles can be required to park along, but in the intersection of Longhu road and near the yangmingtan Bridge Road on the north side, there are black AX630S, black AR, black 150N LDY098 and a few other cars parked diagonally to the impact of road traffic. According to the traffic police on duty, day 8 traffic police to patrol at this time, a total of 6 car illegally parked side by side oblique, not according to the provisions of parking, traffic police by paste illegally parked penalty notice, of which 3 cars gradually departed, but the remaining 3 cars until the morning of 11 PM still leave. Similar to this situation, 10:50 Xu, A District, No. 4 in front of the door, a gray car in the case of a clockwise parking space is still in the face of the traffic police oblique to stop, was promptly stopped. The driver rushed to think parking here, to drive away, the police pointed to "public free parking" sign that he may stop, but must be according to the berth to park along. According to the police on duty, since mid October, in order to regulate parking order, the traffic police department around residential homes surrounding the main street Qunli new delimit more than 600 parking spaces, but because before part of the driving convenience inclined to stop navigation, and illegal conformity many owners, leading to the area in front of near often a row of inclined parking vehicles. For such vehicles parked in accordance with the provisions of the traffic police department will also make a fine of 100 yuan penalty. The bus station illegally parked illegally parked vehicles, double a lot in addition, occupy the bus station parking, double parking, auxiliary road on both sides of the parking violations, the area police every day always met in the inspections. On the morning of 17, and in the adjacent door No. 1 A district bus station recently, a black AH9383 vehicle oblique bar in the bus stop, the bus did not lead to normal stop. According to the police on duty driver left contact to inform the departed, but until 10 minutes driving personnel, due to illegally parked traffic police, made a fine of 100 yuan penalty for the. The more than 10 meters away, another black No. A713UH vehicles in the driveway to park for a long time, suspected of driving at night for hooking up double parking, until noon the vehicle was left the scene. And in the river on both sides of the road.相关的主题文章:

Golden Week Film Market ” three most ” box office ” suspense ” increase t 步步高i606

Golden Week Film Market " three "   " " office; suspense; increasing reputation polarization   culture original title: box office "suspense" reputation — increasing polarization inventory of "eleven" Golden Week Film Market "three most" "Mekong" action "passing from your world" "grand track" ace "ace" make four movies such as contests, "small ball" "funny bird Gaiden" cartoon race debut. "Eleven" golden week more than 10 domestic and foreign films released in domestic theaters. Compared with the 2015 National Day box office and word of mouth stride forward singing militant songs, this is undoubtedly the "suspense" reputation increases, the differentiation of an "golden week". According to the State Press and Publication Administration of Radio Film Fund Office website and three party platform preliminary statistics, from 1 to 5, the single day box office exceeded 200 million yuan, the highest box office in October 1st, close to 280 million yuan. Although the data is slightly lower than last year, but "the Mekong" action film still aggressively, related phenomenon has also led the industry and the audience hot. The most fresh story and technical film National Day file bright black horse is the Mekong action. The story is based on the 2011 Chinese crew Mekong murder case adaptation, actor Chen Baoguo earlier in the same drama "Mekong major" play "drug bureau", the "as Minister of public security", Zhang Hanyu and Eddie Peng’s "doubles partner" to attract the audience’s attention. Evaluation of the industry, whether it is the freshness of the subject matter, the action of large tracts of realism, and so on, "Mekong River action" can be described as the creation of a number of domestic films this year, the most". The film row piece since 4: other competitors, in the final stage of National Day holiday will set off a wave of viewing heat. Another noteworthy film "grand track" is Guoneishoubu by CG (computer animation) capture technology of the film, made films created new "technology most". The film gathered 10 young actors, their action capture, and finally completed a live performance of the CG animated film. In addition to fans audience, there are a lot of technical flow fans curious. The "differentiation" film mouth netizens as "real" main melody "very hard" very strong "this year to see the domestic film", "the Mekong River action" has become the "Golden Week" the highest rated movie online public opinion. Vice chairman of Shanghai Film Association, Shanghai Theater Academy professor Ishikawa commented: "although the Mekong River is still weak civil action" imperfections ", but really excellent, aggressively during the National Day holiday is the time. At the same time, adapted from literary works of the "passing from your world" "grand track", the film side did not gain the expected super reputation. Some viewers have suggested and criticized the story frame and details. Continuation of the so-called "Hong Kong Style" funny funny "ace is the" trump card "crudely made some netizens pointed out the new case. Experts pointed out that since 2014 Chinese film rapid growth, but also to stimulate the part of the production of "speculation" mentality, do not rule out the "face up" "quanqian" and other strange phenomena. Tsinghua University professor Yin Hong相关的主题文章:

Olympic champion Liu Zige and mentor Jinwei marriage age difference 23 years old master helmet怎么读

Olympic champion Liu Zige and mentor Jinwei married 23 year old master Liu Zige married age difference! Sina sports news according to Shanghai media broke the news, the Olympic champion Liu Zige and mentor Jinwei in Beijing today held a wedding. The master love two years ago was exposed, but was denied Jinwei, two years after the two finally will tie the knot. Liu Zige is the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games women’s 200 meter butterfly gold medal winner, low-key personality, usually rarely appeared in public view. 2009, 2011 and 2013, three consecutive World Championships, Liu Zige has fetched medals, she and Jiao Liuyang together China will fly to a new height. Liu Zige has been very grateful to Jin Wei, had to pay their own money to buy a 1 million 700 thousand yuan worth of Land Rover car, Thanksgiving along the way to pay. The master and apprentice Peigemoqi, Liu Zige Jin Wei is almost unconditional obedience, the coach is her biggest rely on. Jin Wei Liu Zige is also quite appreciate, pointed out that she has "three": good technology, good character, good attitude. Jin Wei has two children, her daughter and Liu Zige get along like a sister, the son took the idol as a Liu Zige. Liu Zige will also be a Jinwei, as their own family. The game back, Liu Zige will bring a gift to Jin Wei’s two children, want to have good than jinwei. There have been rumors that the two married because Liu Zige was pregnant, but the two did not respond to this. Liu Zige was born in 1989, two people is 23 years, but it has already formed a tacit understanding, into the marriage is also a matter of course. (new body)相关的主题文章:

Ceng Liyao kid wonderful fun drama drama circles a stream of transverse drift – Entertainment Sohu sql2005安装图解

Ceng Liyao "kid" wonderful fun drama drama circles a stream of transverse drift – Sohu   has Liyao entertainment; "wonderful boy" fun drama drama Sohu entertainment news today, filmed in Hengdian for several days "wonderful boy" Roane has entered the final stage of tension, not only played an important role of the actors: Ceng Liyao, Bai Cheng Jun, Zhao Yaqi, Li Dongge, Qiu Bin, blueya, Wang Zhuo and Jia Wenyu have all gathered, even more than in the crime of "old Biao" Sun Zhengyu teacher also join in, add a lot of highlights for this movie. Director Zhang Yijun revealed that the surprise is far more than these. Ceng Liyao played the heroine Liu Ying in order to break out of their own piece of heaven and earth, came to Hengdian alone. But the dream is always beautiful, but the reality is cruel, although filled with blood, but often go to the wall. "Sometimes I feel I have for Liu Yingyan is not under the breath," Ceng Liyao was deliberately make things difficult play in over a period of Liu Ying, exclaimed: "but it is these experiences, make people more and more strong." As a new actor, Ceng Liyao get the script when the deep feelings. The opera "Liu Ying" in Hengdian was the big name actors out, was director of stern reprimand, and even possible unspoken rule of such things, even if these in reality is also very common, is the need to face the new actor. In order to restore the true "Liu Ying in Hengdian" the bitter sweet, had Liyao whether clothing or shape are apt to role. Cheap shirts, but the iron neat: lost in a strange city, but polite to ask passers-by; even if the heart grievances, but also to encourage friends laugh. This is Liu Ying. In reality, the horizontal drift will play from morning to night on the outside, looking for a crew of a crew of uninterrupted play, very not easy. Ceng Liyao in order to show the best feeling, even if the hot weather persist in the shooting scene, again and again take flight, not sweating the body is the mosquito bites are package. "Some day there are three or four Kuxi, but the next second will show up a feeling, with a lot of play in play, this is not a small challenge for me." Ceng Liyao did not say bitter, even in the face of many difficulties, Liyao once every effort, the real role played. "The role of Liu Ying, although is an ordinary girl, but her kind of indomitable spirit. Although the social interpersonal relationship is complex, sometimes very messy, but she was able to keep a pure heart, with full of positive energy, could be regarded as a stream of transverse drift field." Zeng said that the. Director Zhang Yijun also stressed that this movie aimed at the large market with vulgar and gimmicks as a selling point of the current situation, through the "Liu Ying" horizontal drift journey experience, to expose and criticize certain, have to fan art fresh texture, absolutely to give real emotional interaction at the same time, bring find everything fresh and new feeling. At present, the shooting has come to an end, I hope the film can give us a different surprise, but also look forward to the wonderful performance.   相关的主题文章:

Tianjin airport shopping WeChat can pay wisdom airport continued in-depth

Tianjin airport shopping can WeChat pay wisdom airport "continued in-depth reporter learned from the Tianjin airport, Tianjin airport business has successfully access WeChat payment, will launch promotions from today, the passengers in the designated stores through the WeChat payment, you can enjoy preferential random stand by. Tianjin airport staff, during the period from September 20th to November 30th, the first 130 thousand passengers at the Tianjin airport designated cooperative stores, over 5 yuan can enjoy preferential payment by random minus WeChat consumer credit card, the highest deductible 300 yuan. The scope of the coverage of the Tianjin airport business district 78 retail and catering outlets, etc.. In August this year, the Tianjin airport reached a cooperation with WeChat, WeChat will pay the airport and the airport business entities comprehensive docking, promote the transformation of wisdom. With the wisdom of the airport "solutions continue to fall and continued in-depth, Tianjin airport check-in, passengers can complete the flight information, weather query and other operations by the public, and receive real-time flight dynamics within the airport information. The future, Tianjin airport will also combine WeChat shake and Tencent in real scene map, panoramic map navigation, and launched the airport VIP service, WiFi, car rental and other public services, to achieve "passengers from the front door to door" one-stop travel experience and wisdom. (reporter Wan Hong)相关的主题文章:

God finally introduced Island explosion models ready to brush 8 times! win7codecs

God finally introduced Island explosion! Ready to brush 8 times from the public, "playing the movie" (id:wan2movie) today the most exciting news — "" your name "the introduction of Chinese! Here is a look at the 480P suppressed a faint smile: "your name") after the shadow immediately attracted to detonate Japanese domestic audience, the film will introduce the mainland has become a lot of people’s concerns. A biography of them have been submitted ", while" outflow caused by copyright piracy due to fly ", rumors about the" Introduction "never break, but no official explanation, so many fans care-laden. Fortunately, we finally got a good result. (smile) "I believe everyone is familiar with," five centimeters per second "" leaf "Zhiting animation are from his hand. Dubbed the "desktop director," he will be realistic and realistic scenery beautiful reproduction of animation, each frame is perfect to be used as a desktop computer. The picture is beautiful and flawless, but pay attention to the mood and ignore the story has become his weakness, criticism. But in the new "your name", we see a different ". First of all, the beginning of the movie "Dongbao" impressively signs in the movie, this is no longer a reminder, a person in writing out "niche works are famous for the mainstream market there are number of works. Secondly, "your name" lively and dynamic, editing and camera movements frequently smooth, characters from the autism away, family friends, talk to each other jokes. However, the film still retains the iconic elements of the "aesthetic style and delicate, the setting of the story from the beginning of boys and girls who. Notice you think "your name" is about a teenage body switch comedy. Indeed, the film before the twenty minutes and the expected difference is not too much, the story unfolds in two among senior high school students from different areas. The girls live in clover away from the big city country missile, boys long live in the bustling city of Tokyo. For a time, they exchanged souls. They do not know each other, but there is a magical connection — they appear in each other’s dreams between clover and Otaki, they exchanged soul, they vaguely can perceive each other’s existence, it seems that in different place is another myself. Here is the boys and not put the girl in a distant feeling — two high school students, no reason to blend with each other, become each other another myself, this is too pure too romantic. However, the story is more complex than imagined. Living in Tokyo boys long by his non scene painted consciousness on the search for a three journey. Living truth beyond all expectations, three Shou Ting Department of falling in three years ago when the comet approaches the earth meteorite accident unfortunately destroyed, is now in ruins. There are long and three time three years apart. Originally, apart from innocent and romantic, "your name") and相关的主题文章:

Near Harvard Harvard is more difficult than buying 3 million 500 thousand can only buy Liangju 9c8947

Near Harvard Harvard is more difficult than buying 3 million 500 thousand can only buy two reference news network September 3 news media said, the Harvard Institute in Cambridge city in March this year, the median price of $2 million 220 thousand, up 45% year-on-year biao. 3 million 500 thousand RMB ($520 thousand) can only buy a two bedroom apartment in downtown. According to the British "Financial Times" reported in September 2nd, Harvard University for hundreds of years in Massachusetts, thriving Cambridge, Cambridge this flourishing "land" and Boston across the Charles river. Today, Harvard University received a total of $37 billion 600 million (the highest global), per year for each student’s tuition fees of up to $63 thousand and 25 (in the United States is one of the best), making it a full American rich young people most place to get together. In fact, the only thing that’s harder than getting into Harvard might be to find a room nearby. Harvard this year, the proportion of only 5.2%, the lowest in history. According to the association of Massachusetts real estate broker: Cambridge in March this year, the median price of $2 million 220 thousand, up 45.9% year-on-year biao. Harvard University is a direct impact on the trend of prices in Cambridge locomotive." Remax Destiny home agent Stephen · (Stephen Rankin) said Rankin. Here prices rose almost directly related to the ranking of Harvard University in the United States universities." However, another major factor in the past year housing prices soared to promote Cambridge economic pattern change rapidly. Biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies are high-tech companies together together with this pitch camp which aims to attract young people, Harvard and other prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The online retail giant Amazon (Amazon) in the office area with 100 thousand square feet, and the high-tech company Google (Google) is the expansion of 40 thousand square feet of office space. The company Microsoft (Microsoft) and IBM also built a scientific research base, and pharmaceutical giant Pfizer (Pfizer) and Novartis (Novartis), employs a large number of local staff. "The new company created a large number of high paying jobs, driven by local real high-end housing market." Compass housing brokerage firm Cambridge branch intermediary Christian · (Christian Jones) said. Coldwell Banker (Coldwell Banker) adjacent to a Harvard Square Three Bedroom residential launched, priced up to $2 million 380 thousand. Since 2006 the real estate market started, the houses here are increasingly in short supply, the biggest problem facing property buyers is still for sale in Cambridge gradually reduced, Coldwell Banker broker Gail · Roberts said. "The new houses can be sold for about a week." She said, "low inventory and prices continued to rise in recent years Cambridge has created several decades the most tight market situation. "Lots of gold houses were sold for one or two days." Buyers Guide – Harvard is the oldest universities in the United States, was founded in 1636. Kan – Bridge supernettting population相关的主题文章: