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Australian super intelligence: Wellington Phoenix five players in the national team on Saturday raised 014             Macao;; Central Coast seaman VS Wellington Phoenix       2016-11-12 14:35         team status: seaman this season in the A-League started quite well, the team played very tenacious. The last round of League 0:1 behind the team in the first half, the second half scored two goals, the final 2:1 reverse away defeated Adelaide, the game team should not make too many adjustments to a winning team. Is this game starting lineup: Lux Galloway Mark Kim Tavares Ferreira Montgomery Bouvier O Donovan Payne Yizuofadi Wellington phoenix also get the new season in the league’s first victory, the team home court 2:0 victory over the Newcastle jets, Kerrey Cannes scored two of the 29 year old striker became the only Fiji this season Wellington Phoenix scored player. The Fawkes squad ban expires, but including the goalkeeper Moss, striker Baba Roses, mcclinchey, Feng Deng, Durant, the five players in the national team up, injured Parke Moorhouse and Doyle and Wellington, the game in Phoenix will be very difficult. Is this game starting lineup: Itallie Yama Rossi Rory Tate Fox Leah Fenkner Goering Bonevacia Kerry Watson Cannes Venue: the game will be in the central coast of the Central Coast Stadium seaman home court, is expected to match day temperature of 19 degrees, cloudy weather. The history of the two sides record: last season’s Super League in Australia, the central coast of Wellington Phoenix Phoenix 2 wins on the team to win the top 1. In the summer friendlies, Phoenix had 1:0 away victory over seaman. Recommendation: Shengping Fu Sheng @2.24 Wellington Phoenix due to New Zealand players for the team, so every time the international match day, Wellington Phoenix is far greater than the rest of the A-League team, the same is true of the game, more than the main out, plus the original Phoenix just not good at fighting away. Even after the opening of Gambling company has come to the low water high water is still optimistic about the overall peace, home court Central Coast seaman. (AHA)相关的主题文章: