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Army will be down to a teacher? Department of Defense: pure speculation – Sohu news Beijing News News (reporter Jia Shiyu) today, the Defense Ministry spokesman Wu Qian spread on the Internet at a regular press conference on the "army 18 army will be down to the teacher" news responded that the relevant report is purely speculation, inconsistent with the facts. Reporters noted that recently, Hong Kong media reported, sources said, the existing part of the 18 army group will be adapted into 25 to 30 divisions. At present, the size of each group of troops ranging from 30 thousand to 100 thousand. Changed after the army 18 army of the whereabouts of concern. In May this year, the Beijing News reporter combing found that with the official media continue to disclose the news, the army’s 18 army has been clearly defined ownership. Among them, most of the army under the jurisdiction of the central zone, a total of over 5 army. The number of army ranks second is under the jurisdiction of the northern theater, a total of over 4 army. Specifically: the former Nanjing military region first, 12, 31 army over the eastern army; the fourteenth army of the Chengdu military region and the Guangzhou military region forty-first, 42 army over the southern theater of the Chengdu military region; the Thirteenth Army and the Lanzhou military region twenty-first, 47 army over Western Theater; the former Shenyang military region, 39, sixteenth the 40 army and the twenty-sixth army of the Ji’nan military region over the northern army; the former Ji’nan military region twentieth, 54 army and the Beijing military region twenty-seventh, 38, 65 army over the central army. The State Council Information Office issued in 2013, China’s diversified use of the armed forces, the white paper shows that the army’s mobile warfare units, including 18 army and part of the independent synthetic combat division (brigade), the existing 850 thousand people. The army consists of divisions and brigades belonging to 7 military areas. Shenyang military region under the jurisdiction of sixteenth, 39, 40 army, Beijing military region under the jurisdiction of twenty-seventh, 38, 65 army, the Lanzhou military region under the jurisdiction of the twenty-first, the 47 army, the Ji’nan military region under the jurisdiction of the twentieth, 26, 54 army, Nanjing military region under the jurisdiction of first, 12, 31 army, the Guangzhou military region under the jurisdiction of the forty-first, the 42 army, the Chengdu military region thirteenth, under the jurisdiction of the 14 army. With the advance of PLA military reform, adjust the designation of the eastern theater, the southern theater, theater, theater, North Central and Western Theater, former Shenyang military, Beijing military region, Lanzhou military region, Ji’nan military region, Nanjing military region, Guangzhou military region, Chengdu military corps revoked.相关的主题文章: