Apple Sues Samsung Galaxy Nexus For Patent Infringement-christie stevens

Mobile-Cell-Phone Smart phone users are busy with their phones and exploring their new features. But, do they know a war of patent infringement has started in two mobile phone giants, Apple and Samsung. Apple has hurled a notice to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus for infringing its patent. Will Android rumble Samsung have tough time in 2012? The case has been filed in a German court by Cupertino lawyers. They claim that the Android 4.0 running smart phone, the Galaxy Nexus has copied the iOS slide to unlock functionality. According to Apples lawyers, this functionality has already been got patented by their clients. Whatever the decision will come out in the case, but experts think that Apple has targeted on the Galaxy Nexus in order to hit both of its chief competitors regarding hardware and software. Smart phone buffs already know that Samsung Galaxy Nexus is flagship smart phone under its banner, which runs on Googles latest operating system, Android v 4.0. As the device comes with first Android 4.0, we can assume Googles fingerprints are more on the device than on any other Android device. The Case is getting more intense The case between both the mobile phone giant is escalating. After taking into account the proceedings of Apples intellectual property assertions against Android in the first month of January, Florian Mueller, a patent analyst says that the case will continue to escalate. We all know that Samsung is no less powerful than Apple. However, Apples action of filing a suit of infringement on Samsung clearly indicates that Apple is ready to fight openly even in a court of law. In between, a German court also ruled out Samsungs assertions that iPhone had also hijacked one of its 3G patents. The dust of fight between these giants does not seem to settle easily, and there is no indication that the temperature will fall. Samsung is also mustering proofs that it has not infringed any patent. The war is getting hot weeks after weeks between Samsung and Apple both in market and law court. Even the shares of both the companies may also have been affected according to some investors. But market experts dont think so and nor we. For more information please visit our website: Samsung Galaxy Note Deals 相关的主题文章: