Andy Lau claims to be Zhang Jike Huang Xiaoming fans to dangdie Beijing – in arm strength training-meyou

Andy Lau claims to be Zhang Jike Huang Xiaoming fans to dangdie – arm strength training Beijing Andy Lau and Huang Xiaoming     Beijing, September 22 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Zhang Xi) 22, comedy film "funny" ACE ACE held in Beijing premiere conference, director Wang Jingxie, starring Andy Lau, Huang Xiaoming, Hu Ran, Ouyang Nana, Xie Yilin, Junjie Mao Wu Yue, Xu Dongdong, attended. For the recent Angelababy was pregnant, Huang Xiaoming did not answer directly, said he would like to do a lot of fitness for the future to prepare. The film tells the story of the "trump card" with ACE Andy Lau’s treasure? Ye and Huang Xiaoming plays: Luo Jiahao strong hand, seize the "God seed" adventure story. Huang Xiaoming arm hold Xiao Man in Andy Lau’s view, this is his most bitter recently filmed a movie, "before the movie, I was the most handsome, the best effort that this is abused, badly, not only by a foreign man was hit in the body, Huang Xiaoming hit me three, we will become" meat sandwich ", the worst thing is, I’m the one below!" One side of Huang Xiaoming also admitted that he also suffered a lot, I am also very miserable, beaten by feeding insects, has been tied up with red string, so please call me spicy crayfish." Andy Lau awarded Zhang Jike trump on the premiere, the film side also specifically for the industry ace awards, a famous writer of buckwheat was "the most independent trump card", and recently because eating video and burst of red network Xiao Man won the "most lovely chowhound ace". Huang Xiaoming holding Xiao Man on stage, a face of love. Due to the recent Angelababy repeatedly transferred pregnant, asked whether you have to do a good job when daddy prepared, he Tai Chi said: "don’t hold the children do not know, the original baby so hard, all of the world’s mom and dad are very great! I also want to strengthen the training arm, ready to do for the future!" The photo in addition, Andy Lau is also the scene of "the most domineering power line ace Zhang Jike, and claimed to be fans of each other. Because the game failed to come to the conference site, Zhang Jike said in a video link, "Hua brother and brother Xiaoming is my idol, and you can not face to face communication really regret. Thanks to the "trump card" with ACE gave me the honor. In fact, I’m not the only trump card, all for athletes, are ace!" It is reported that the film "trump card trick" has been advanced to September 30th at 18 pm.相关的主题文章: