Andouble will be held by APEC summit said the situation is very grim TPP tda7294

Andouble will take the APEC summit TPP said the situation is very grim – Beijing, Beijing, November 14, according to Japanese media reports, local time 14 days this month, Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo, the trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) in the Senate Special Committee on the prospects of the entry into force of the TPP, Trump won the United States after the presidential election, "frankly, recognize that the situation is becoming very serious." However, Andouble believes TPP absolutely no end, Japan will continue to play a leading role in its early entry into force. Data figure; Abe Shinzo, according to reports, Andouble also revealed at the meeting, has decided to take advantage of the 19 summit held in Peru, capital of Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit held at the summit of the TPP. Andouble pointed out: the United States is now in the transition period, must be led by Japan to its early entry into force." He said that on the 17 day and talk about "trump will also talk about my views on free trade, by seeking to understand that the Japanese insist on promoting the TPP position. But he also said that the United States will not damage the interests of the United States, denied the possibility of re negotiation. Andouble also stressed: "not only is the trade, but also on security dialogue, he said:" the US Japan alliance is the axis of Japan’s security, diplomacy and economy, to establish mutual trust through in-depth conversation". Andouble Miyake Nobugo of the Liberal Democratic Party members, the Democratic Progressive Party Senator Ogawa Tatsuya’s question made the plea in addition, said Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Jian Yiwei at the press conference on 14, after Andouble talks with Trump to promote the TPP government policy will not change. It is understood that the Japanese Senate Special Committee on 14 TPP approved the case and the relevant bill summarizes the formal debate question. Japan’s house of Representatives has passed the above 10 bills, the ruling party in this Congress to make it through the approval of TPP as soon as possible. Japan’s opposition party believes that Trump’s victory in the TPP to bring into effect the uncertainty itself, criticized the government’s attitude.相关的主题文章: