Andouble on the U.S. military for the first time in the United States refused to negotiate a good

Andouble, US troops stationed in Japan for the first time Trump refused to consultation: military military Channel – Sohu global network reported: according to Japan’s Jiji Press reported on November 14th, according to U.S. President elect Donald Trump had asked the Japanese? "Full reimbursement of U.S. military expense statement, Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo 14, said that Japan should bear their respective proportion to consultation. Jiji news agency believes that Andouble’s position on the U.S. military spending in the United States, which means that the full commitment of Japan’s full commitment to Japan’s commitment to Trump. Trump has said during the presidential election, if elected, will require Japan and South Korea, one hundred percent of the burden of the U.S. troops stationed all costs. He said that if these countries do not want to pay more costs, the United States should be ready to leave, that is, from the local withdrawal. Japan anti phase Inada Tomomi 11, said at a press conference, Japan will no longer be stationed in the u.s.. Paddy field said: "I think the burden of Japan is enough. In fact, the Japanese government has to bear the burden of." In March this year, Japan’s parliament approved a plan from the beginning of the 2016 fiscal year 5 years, U.S. military burden total 946 billion 500 million yen ($8 billion 800 million) of funds, increase 13 billion 300 million yen over the previous 5 years ($130 million). The Japanese government had previously asked to slash the burden of the U. s.military funding, but the United States insists that the money. From Japan and the United States, the status of the military agreement, the Japanese side does not bear the burden of U.S. military expenses in japan. According to the agreement on the status of troops stationed in the United States and Japan in 1960, Japan’s support to the U.S. military in Japan is limited to "facilities and venues". However, with the strengthening of the Japanese economy, the United States in the last century, 70 years began to put pressure on Japan to provide more funding support.相关的主题文章: