American woman Robbing Chinese student he is Chinese, must be

American woman Robbing Chinese student: he is Chinese, must be rich woman accused Alejandra Guerrero admit robbery, because he is Chinese, Chinese must have money". (source: Hongkong "Economic Daily" website) the United States women’s China robbery students: he is certainly rich Chinese Reference News Network October 9th Hong Kong media reported that in the United States to study China student discipline is pleased murder case, the jury entered the second day of the trial, the defendant admits beat Ji pleased, also said the election period have robbed on the way, because he is Chinese, Chinese certainly rich". Hongkong "Economic Daily" website on October 8th quoted the U.S. "world news" reported that the University of Southern California Chinese student discipline is pleased and robbed last year killed cases to trial, the court showed two to 29 street in the vicinity of the shooting video. Video shows, 4 defendants and a 14 year old girl who is not prosecuted, five people ride together in a dark Japanese car, 12:36 midnight near the scene of the crime. They drove the car in the district for a few minutes, roadside parking, after getting off to Ji readily start. Alejandra Guerrero, a female defendant, said she and her classmates saw Ji Xin in the street and thought, "he is Chinese, and the Chinese must have money."". So she and Garcia went up to Ji and asked him, "what do you have in your pocket?" but he seemed to be speaking Chinese, and we didn’t understand what he was saying. Garcia clenched his fist and punched him in the face, hitting at least three punches. She admitted that she had begun, but she explained, was because the discipline is pleased to grab her arm, she just defense, "I asked Garcia to help me". At last, Ji ran away, and they didn’t grab anything. Ji was born in Inner Mongolia, Hohhot. In the fall of 2013, the school of electrical engineering at Viterbi School of engineering, University of Southern California. In July 24, 2014, 24 year old Ji gladly robbed 5 people on his way back to his dormitory in the early morning. He was seriously injured and died after his struggle to return to his apartment. The incident caused a lot of attention and indignation from Chinese students, domestic students and the media in the United states. Source: Reference News Network into [Sina Finance shares] discussion

美国女子抢劫中国留学生:他是中国人 肯定有钱   女被告Alejandra Guerrero承认抢劫纪欣然,因为“他是中国人,中国人肯定有钱”。(图片来源:香港《经济日报》网站)   美国女子抢劫中国留学生:他是中国人 肯定有钱   参考消息网10月9日报道 港媒称,在美读书的中国留学生纪欣然被害案,进入陪审团庭审第二天,女被告承认动手打过纪欣然,还表示在路上选中纪欣然打劫,因为“他是中国人,中国人肯定有钱”。   香港《经济日报》网站10月8日引述美国《世界日报》报道,美国南加州大学中国留学生纪欣然前年遭劫并遇害案件,继续审讯,法庭上展示了两段在29街附近拍摄到的监控录像。录像显示,4名被告和一名年仅14岁未被起诉的女生,五人共同乘坐一辆深色的日本汽车,午夜12时36分到达案发地附近。他们开着车在小区中转几分钟,路边停车,下车后对纪欣然下手。   女被告Alejandra Guerrero说,她和同党在街上看到纪欣然后认为,“他是中国人,中国人肯定有钱”。于是,她和Garcia走向纪欣然,问他“你口袋里有什么”,但“纪欣然好像在说中文,我们没听懂他说什么”,Garcia握紧拳头朝他脸上揍过去,至少打了三拳。她承认自己也动过手,但她解释,当时因为纪欣然抓她的手臂,她只是防卫,“我还叫Garcia来帮我”。最后纪欣然跑了,他们什么也没有抢到。   纪欣然出生于内蒙古呼和浩特市。2013年秋季开始在美国南加州大学维特比工程学院电气工程专业就读。2014年7月24日,24岁的纪欣然在凌晨回宿舍的路上遭遇5人抢劫,头部受重伤,挣扎回公寓后死亡,事件造成大量在美中国学生及国内学生、媒体的关注及愤慨。   来源:参考消息网 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: