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American transsexual actress died of AIDS before the death of a man back to the United States Hollywood transsexual actress avery Sith – Arquette learned, Eli Sith has gone back to a man named avery Sith died before Arquette died of AIDS complications caused by Sina entertainment news according to foreign media reports, the United States Hollywood actress Arquette avery Sith degeneration (Alexis Arquette) a family of entertainers. Unfortunately, in 11, passed away at the age of 47. The day before the news, she died of AIDS complications, and died in the last period of time, and change back to a man. According to the British "Daily Mail" reported that Eli Sith died of AIDS complications, ex boyfriend Robert (Robert Dupont) claimed that: "in addition to her suffering from AIDS, who have an incurable cancer, so the liver is infected, later spread to her body." It is reported that she had lived in the "actor charity house" (Actor Fund Home), but there are a lot of people are drinking and drug abuse problems, she hated that place, although the family had been asked to go home to live with, but still insist on independent life. In avery Sith died, her former boyfriend Robert on the network to share a photo, and wrote: "I love you avery Sith, my brightest star, may you rest in peace." But the picture she has turned back to a man, wearing a blue T-shirt, wearing a pair of sunglasses, hair also inserted a yellow flower in front of the camera, pout, look good. According to Robert, she said she had changed to a boy before she died. Eli Sith was born in Losangeles in 1969, when he was a small boy, named Robert – Arquette (Robert Arquette), at the age of 12 as a child in the musical "She’s a Beauty", decided in 2006 to become degeneration woman, and changed his name to Eli Sith. She has performed in "pulp fiction", "bride" and other films, sister Patricia – Arquette in 2015 to "young age" won the Oscar Award for best supporting actress, his younger brother is actor David Arquette. It is reported that, although she had fallen into a coma before her death, but siblings and their families are around, to accompany her to finish the final journey. (commissioning editor: Bai Ling)相关的主题文章: