Amateur chess tournament Beijing Guoan Tang Hongwei won the chess community beat the pack – Sports S

Amateur chess tournament Beijing Guoan Tang Hongwei won the chess community beat the pack – Sports Sohu   in October 22nd, guided by the China Chess Association, CO sponsored by the national security community and the Beijing chess Sports Association of the "Jiangyin Zhouzhuang" 2016 national chess amateur sports lottery China qiwangsai Beijing Guoan community station and the second session of the "national security community chess chess tournament held in the final hall two floor China chess, eventually Guanzhuang shop Tang Hongwei won the Beijing Guoan community station superior in stratagem chess title and won the national security community 1000 yuan shopping card. It is reported that,   this event has invited 100 streets of Beijing (the national security community every store 32 players), 3200 community players at the same time, through an orderly auditions, preliminaries and semi-finals, decided the national security community 9 regional champion, nine champion and the first king Xu Siqing a total of ten players participated in the finals today, the ten players were divided into two groups, group phase a total of five rounds, at the same time and decide the top of each group, finally decide the first against Beijing Guoan community station championship.   the national security community before the final two players, namely Tang Hongwei, Guanzhuang branch Hujialou shop Zhang Min and I will join in November 18th this year, Beijing Division title sponsored by Chinese Chess Association, "the 2016 national amateur sports lottery China chess chess game".   after a brief closing ceremony and awards ceremony, deputy secretary of the Beijing Municipal Sports Association, chess long Integrated Services Department Director Tan Tan, the national security community (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. vice chairman and deputy general manager of the party for Yanmei won the top three player trophy and certificate, national security community (Beijing) standing science and technology limited company store operations center deputy general manager Lv Fei attended the closing ceremony and closing ceremony of the same player to watch.   in addition, it is interesting qiwangsai Guoan community station from the opening start invited five beautiful webcast, the final is no exception, female anchor in their own point of view to review the community second chess competition situation of national security and public interest, interaction with the audience and invited guests, transfer chess knowledge, witness the birth, the closing of chess performances and awards ceremony.相关的主题文章: