After falling in love, the little star does not always wear underwear appearance (Figure) nvidia geforce gt 740m

After falling in love, the little star does not always wear underwear appearance (Figure) Shirley according to Taiwan media reports, Shirley quit the group since, she not only a sexy woman from the pure transformation, and even posted on the Internet, the past will not upload large scale and controversial photos, yesterday (October 23rd) Shirley and vacuum bump according to the battle, let the past love her fans are much disappointed. Shirley and 14 year old boyfriend Cui Zi after public affair, her behavior also seems to gradually out of control, compared to the previous pure actress image, now Shirley is bold, even by the label refers to the "Korean version of Miley"! She was recently in INS drying out a thin coat wearing long version of photos, despite many funny expression, but fans still find highlights is that Shirley is vacuum battle, so many fans puzzled. But it is also non Shirley Shirley for the first time, drying out the bumps, early in August this year, she had to wear single sports coat, let the chest scenery. And she’s such behavior, has also been suspected of being related to her boyfriend Cui Zi, many fans believe that Shirley is more or less affected by Cui Zi, will make her a big change in temperament! Related news and no underwear? Shirley sun country again cited Shirley as gliding fans shouting according to Taiwan media reports, South Korean female group F (x) former member of Shirley since last year after retirement, which is out of pure and lovely girl image, concentrate on the road towards the development of actor and her boyfriend, also more love more high-profile Cui zi. Shirley love to use Instagram to share life, but posted a series of large-scale photos or intimate photos of her boyfriend, often cited users open acid, gas she closed the account in May. 2 months later, Shirley again reissued new account, did not expect to return to IG in less than 2 weeks, actually because of 2 suspected Jitu photos, once again set off a fan of both positive and negative response. Shirley 7 in the IG share photos, in Switzerland and friends ready to go hang gliding on the screen before, she is happy walking in the countryside, and make out the two hands, feel quite looking forward to skydive, very comfortable. But wearing a grey lightweight sportswear Shirley, sharp eyed Netizens found suspected of not wearing underwear, there are two obvious chest Jitu, it attracted some users frantically her indiscretion, directed at this photo upload not appropriate, but there are also fans jumped out behind, do not wear underwear that Shirley is her freedom, she just wanted to feel relaxed look, a fan of the pros and cons of war. With deeper, exposing more transparent, more unspeakable secrets, all in the "Phoenix gossip" (micro signal: entifengvip), add free reading.相关的主题文章: