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Business The type of activated carbon which is manufactured in India from coconut charcoal and wood charcoal is considered to be of superior quality when .pared to the activated carbon from other sources. This is due to the fact that the Indian activated carbon has small macro porous structure which is very effective for the absorption of vapor and gas, apart from effective removal of odor and color in .pounds. Manufactures of activated carbon in India is well known for three types of activated carbon viz. powder, granular and palletized forms which have been used for hundreds of applications. The powdered activated carbon is manufactured by chemical activation and finds its use mostly in waste water treatment purposes. Activated carbon Exporters in India supply the best granular and pellet version of activated carbon which are made by gas steam activation and is used in gas purification applications. Some examples of activated carbon usage are: drinking water treatment, manufacture of pharmaceuticals and chemicals, color and odor treatment in wine and fruit juices, gold recovery etc. Activated carbon Manufactures in India are well know for their quality products. The buyers of Indian activated carbon and suppliers of activated carbon focus their attention to its unique qualities in providing the intended results for their end use applications. Activated carbon provides a number of varied functionalilities during its multifaceted applications. There is a growing demand for suppliers of activated carbon in India . The important properties of Indian activated carbon are:- Absorption: – Through this mechanism, the impurities of the products are removed through physical absorption or chemisorptions. Reduction: – Here the chlorine content fro water is removed through chemical reduction reactions. Catalysis: – It helps as a carrier of catalytic agents I chemical process. Carrier of biomass: – It acts as support material in biological filters. The exporters of activated carbon play a prominent role in promotion so there is an increasing demand for Indian activated carbon in the global market. The buyers market for activated carbon, whether it is local or international, insists on quality products. The Indian activated carbon fibers with its porous carbon material play an important role in key industries, especially those who are concerned with environment friendly applications for their manufacturing ventures. These activated carbon fibers which finds its use in building of structures and manufacturing vehicles helps to absorb the toxic content from air and water and helps to reduce pollution. This feature of the Indian activated carbon fiber has helped to find a great demand for this product in the international market to a great extent and is expected to continue the same trend in the .ing years. The quality products exported by the exporters of activated carbon in India has helped to access a regular customer base and new clients for the country in the global market place with maintaining the sustained quality of the activated carbon products. This has resulted a boost in the quantum of production in the country, with the resultant market value of the export targeted activated carbon products in the international market by the activated carbon Suppliers in India . About the Author: 相关的主题文章: