Academician Cheng Jing to achieve a healthy China to manage the children’s disease and senile diseas

Academician Cheng Jing: health Chinese to manage the "children’s disease" and "senile diseases" — Health Channel – original title: academician Cheng Jing: health Chinese to manage the "children’s disease" and "geriatric" health is more than every one of us, and has risen to the the height of the National strategy. "To build a large health system based on prevention is the key to solve the current social medical problems and achieve national health." Said in an interview with Academician Chinese, Academy of engineering, Tsinghua University School of Medicine Professor Cheng Jing on the Yangtze River, to achieve national health prevention and personalized treatment of disease prediction, these three goals, especially to do birth defects, senile disease, chronic diseases prevention and control. Chinese, academician of the Academy of engineering of Tsinghua University School of Medicine Professor Cheng Jing was born in Yangtze River to grasp the defects and two senile chronic disease "inflection point" in China is a populous country, is also a high incidence of birth defects in the country. Earlier this year, two child policy fully liberalized, half of the target population of women over the age of 40. Increasing the age of pregnant women will increase the risk of chromosomal abnormalities, birth defects prevention and control in China faces more challenges. "For the source of the disease control is very important, the time period is better than pre pregnancy prenatal prenatal, neonatal stage is better than. At present, China’s medical system is still in the back end of the treatment, often to this stage, many diseases have no way to prevent and control, to the community and the family to bring a heavy burden." Cheng Jing said that China needs to establish a complete system of birth defects prevention. Prevention of birth defects is not only a problem but also a technical problem. Cheng Jing, Tsinghua University developed a microarray and microfluidic chip technology, and the realization of industrialization, through its subsidiary capitalbio. The chromosomal abnormalities in gene chip detection of 500+ Boao biological research, can detect 509 kinds of common pathogenic chromosomal abnormalities in people, help prevent birth defects. To achieve a healthy China strategy, but also to grasp the old age chronic disease inflection point". At present, China’s 60 years of age and older than the population of more than 200 million, is expected in 2050, this figure will double. And many elderly people suffering from chronic diseases, self-care ability decreased, heavy medical burden. In the face of the rising incidence of chronic disease, the medical system from where force? Cheng Jing proposed that the individual centered health management system should be an important measure for the prevention and control of the disease and the effective response to the aging society. Should be combined with genetic and environmental factors, from the whole person, the whole point of view of health management. The whole person is from head to toe, from molecules to organs, from psychology to the environment." Cheng Jing said that the big health management system should be combined with the Internet big data platform, so that everyone can at any time, anywhere to understand their health, so as to manage their own health. Based on the "zhiweibing" with modern science and technology to promote the development of Chinese medicine in this year’s Olympic Games in Rio, the American swimmer Phelps using Chinese medicine cupping therapy news triggered a global concern. "Chinese traditional medicine has a lot of essence to inherit and carry forward." Cheng Jing believes that to achieve "healthy"相关的主题文章: