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A traffic accident, the person responsible but shamelessly do not lose money Zezheng? Sohu auto Mid Autumn Festival holiday, and then immediately to the National Day golden week, presumably a lot of people will choose to travel by car or drive home to celebrate. Road traffic will be more than usual, the possibility of accidents is also higher. Especially now many novices, "road killer" everywhere, sometimes it is impossible to guard against. If the car collision is "chrysanthemum burst" of what, personal safety is of course the most important, but some small accident is also very troublesome, maintenance, claims process what shitless. Brick uncle recently encountered such troubles: the car was "chrysanthemum burst", police sentenced full responsibility for each other, but the other is not willing to pay the first pad to repair brick uncle repeatedly unsuccessful negotiations! In this case, it should be the square pad money to my party maintenance, then the parties to find their own insurance company claims reimbursement. But now the party refused to pad pay, especially maintenance costs are high, we are unable to advance. As a non party, at this time, what is a good way to solve it? Give you support weapon uncle brick. [the first one: let the insurance company will claim direct credit our account] this practice steps is as follows: the first step: let the party with his insurance company to negotiate and sign an agreement, agreed to claim directly to our account. Note that the insurance company must pay the claim to the insurance company after the relevant procedures have been completed The second step: we negotiate with the repair shop, the first out of repair invoices. Because his car was under repair shop repair shop with, so there is reason to suggest, find familiar repair shop better operation; the third step: we took the invoice for maintenance accident insurance claims, so there is no need to go through the account to our account. After the loss to the repair shop to pay maintenance fees can be. This trick is the key to the maintenance of the factory is willing to open the invoice to lend to you to claim, if you do not want to repair the plant, it can only own money. But if you don’t have the money, then you’re stuck! [second strokes: 110 alarm, the police to deal with] because the party refused to pay, strictly speaking belong to economic disputes, the traffic police have been sentenced for, but did not interfere with more rights. Then it is necessary to fight 110 to find the police, and normal, the police will call the accident party. Received a warning from the police, the party should be under pressure, it may be good to pay the pad. [tip 3: through television and other media exposure] media exposure strength is great, can broke the news to the TV station, many local TV stations have interviewed a number of people’s livelihood news report, put things through television with a clear. Then the reporter interviewed the perpetrators through the television station, the whole thing exposed to the public opinion pressure. Presumably, the video has not broadcast the parties submit to the. Fourth strokes: to send a lawyer’s letter to the parties, if necessary, if the above strokes are not applicable, it is necessary to upgrade to the level of legal means..相关的主题文章: