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A public commitment: bottom high rebate Ponzi scheme or MLM? Ponzi scheme, or pyramid schemes? "A public bottom" Shenzhen Qianhai Sheng Point Technology Co. Ltd. the first floor office hall. (Gao Jiatu), neither investment nor financial management, incentive money come from? It is not just in case the wall rob Peter to pay Paul, gone again?" A little charity: "Ponzi schemes are never going to circulate, but we can form a closed loop. According to our logic, consumers can get back the incentive." "This is a kind of time dimension and spatial dimension to maintain the income of the behavior of the commitment, is to use the funds invested by the late consumer to make up for the behavior of the early consumer income, in essence, is pyramid selling." A little public interest: the legal provisions of the MLM organization level is more than three, we have only one layer, and this is only a form of platform promotion." People buy things is cheaper the better, Zhang Mao’s choice is just the opposite. He spent 5380 yuan, in a little charity platform to buy a market price of more than $4000 HUAWEI P9 Plus phone. Attract Zhang Mao, is unusual "rebate points". A public claim that consumers in the platform settled merchants to buy the products, in addition to receive the product, can enjoy up to 109% of the rebate amount of consumption. However, consumption has fast over the past two months, Zhang Maocai got 79 dollars, the total rebate from expected difference of 5785.2 yuan. He was a little annoyed: "friends do not suggest that I get, I do not listen to leng." In September 5, 2016, Zhang Mao in the "public welfare" posted a post: "this is what kind of platform?" In the reply, almost no one can explain why, and let him comment on tenterhooks: This is probably a hoax. A number of scholars and public observers believe that a public management mode, it is difficult to get rid of the Ponzi scheme and MLM suspect, and non genuine charity. In this regard, the Southern Weekend launched a comprehensive investigation. "Innovation" and "win-win" and "we don’t call the rebate, called incentive." "Here to correct a word, we don’t call the rebate, called incentive." Said this, Chen Jiamin tone serious. He is a Shenzhen Qianhai Sheng Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "a bit of science and Technology) chairman, also a bit of a public platform in the mode of operation of the designer. In March 8, 2016, China Guanghua Science and Technology Foundation (hereinafter referred to as "Guanghua Science and technology foundation") issued a notice, announced a cooperation in science and technology to carry out "a public welfare project was officially established. April 2nd, a little public technology platform version 1 formally launched trial operation. In a public official website, next to the LOGO two line of small print: to promote the development of commercial services to the public, let the public service socialization, systemization, traces and continuity. The first sentence is a summary of the operation mode of public welfare, and the latter is the main idea of public welfare. This is another innovation in a so-called "Internet plus public", with the Internet technology as the basis, giving on setting up in the online mall and offline alliance business model相关的主题文章: