A man in Quanzhou in violation of traffic law checked or did not expect rape fugitive-mia farrow

Quanzhou, a man violated the inspection of the law, did not expect or rape fugitives, everyone knows, riding a standard electric car will have to be on the non motorized lane, but now a lot of people are not driving according to the road. This is not, 10 o’clock the day before yesterday morning, Licheng Traffic Police Brigade Kai Kai unit police, in the City West Ring Road West hillock duty, stop a car into the motor lane of the standard electric car. It was a very common thing, but when the police questioned, but found that the man is a bit strange! After being stopped by the police, the man was called to the box for investigation. Facing the police inquiry, the man looked calm, casually reported a name. Scene: VS police man police: fortress or Licheng? Man: Luojiang. Police: what’s your name? Man: Liu Qingming. Traffic police: without this information. Man: the driver’s license hasn’t been brought to him yet. Traffic police: couldn’t find it. Write your name and ID card. The man surnamed Liu claimed, petite, looks at the age of more than 30, taking into account the likely cause the query to accent, the police let him write down the relevant identity information. Scene: traffic police VS man traffic police: which year was born? Man: I forgot all about it. The name is not on the number, ID card did not bring, and even their own birth date do not remember, this is also very strange! It looks like the man has a problem! It is not to tell the truth, this is forced out of police Milo artifact! Licheng Traffic Police Brigade Kai Yuan Unit Police Ke Jianqing "later we will use the face recognition function to verify. That’s another name. The beginning of the comparison of the name and he said the name is a lot of difference, but the head shows and I like, we in order to confirm, called his name, he just said yes, just said the name is his cousin." According to the inquiry, the man surnamed Liu claimed, in fact, is surnamed Yang, 36 years old this year, from Guizhou, was arrested for rape case, the public security organs to be listed as fugitives online. He looked flustered after his identity was discovered. Police introduced, Yang worked in Quanzhou, do the decoration industry, last year because of hand injury back to Guizhou home treatment. It is understood that in August 8th last year, a woman in Guizhou, Tongren, reported to the police that he was lured into the home by a man who claimed to be a business man and forced sexual relations. Police investigation found that Yang Mouyou major crime suspects, at present, Yang has been handed over to Kaiyuan police station, the case is under further investigation. >

泉州一男子违反交法被查 没想到还是强奸案逃犯 大家都知道,骑合标电动车就得在非机动车道上,可是现在好多人就是不按道行驶。这不,前天上午10点多,鲤城交警大队开元分队的民警,在市区城西环路西郊岗执勤时,就拦下一辆闯入机动车道的合标电动车。这本来也算是件很普通的事,但是,当民警正常盘问时,却发现这名男子有点怪怪的!被民警拦下后,男子被叫到岗亭接受调查。面对民警询问,男子神情淡定,漫不经心地报了个名字。现场:交警VS男子交警:丰泽还是鲤城的?男子:洛江的。交警:你叫什么名字?男子:刘清明。交警:没有这个信息。男子:行驶证在他那还没拿过来。交警:查不到,你名字身份证写一下。这名自称姓刘的男子,身材瘦小,看上去30多岁,考虑到可能是口音导致查询不到,民警让他自己写下相关身份信息。现场:交警VS男子交警:哪一年出生的?男子:那我都忘记了。名字对不上号,身份证没带,连自己的出生年月都不记得,这也太奇怪了吧!看来这名男子有点问题!不说实话是吧,这是逼交警蜀黍拿出“神器”啊!鲤城交警大队开元分队民警 柯建清“后来我们就用人脸识别功能核实一下。显示的是另外一个名字。刚开始比对的名字和他说的名字差很多,但是头像显示和本人很像,我们为了确认,叫了他的名字,他才说是,才说报的名字是他表哥。”根据查询,这名自称姓刘的男子,其实是姓杨,今年36岁,来自贵州,曾涉嫌一起强奸案,被公安机关列为网上在逃人员。在身份被识破后,他显得很慌张。民警介绍,杨某在泉州打工,做装修行业,去年曾因手部受伤回贵州老家治疗。据了解,去年8月8日,贵州铜仁一名女子向警方报案称,自己被一名自称做生意的男子诱骗到家中,强迫发生性关系。民警调查发现,杨某有重大作案嫌疑,目前,杨某已被移交给开元派出所,案件正在进一步调查中。 >相关的主题文章: