A handsome gods! Help Hengda abandoned the right to health counter attack the last seven rounds or r-y580

A handsome gods! Help Hengda abandoned the right to health counter attack the last seven rounds or a record of Cannavaro in August 21st Tianjin, the right to health in League home court is relegation in Qingdao can draw, the team also temporarily interrupted after a round of crazy grab tide. Since June 9th, Cannavaro took over the Tianjin team, the right to health in the last two and a half times, made 9 wins 1 flat 1 negative astonishing record. From the previous leader position fell to ninth in the league, Tianjin lost the right to health once Chongchao confidence, but the arrival of not only handsome card and smooth stroke top 11 points, let the team back to the top. In order to return to the Chinese League coach, Cannavaro waited for 05 days a year, from Hengda Shuai Shuai Shuai Shuai, in his side and the team, what happened? Shaking reversal from the top nine to lead in a June 9, 2016, Tianjin right to health club announced Cannavaro as the team coach, after two and a half months, wonderful changes have taken place in Tianjin on the right to health. Two and a half months ago, flushed the ultra right to health in Tianjin suffered 7 victorious, the team slipped to ninth place in the league, ranked first in Qingdao the Yellow Sea from 11 points from second place Guizhou Zhicheng also have 10 points, then the situation seems to be the right to health already hopeless, large industry rushed like a mirage and insubstantial objects. However, two months later, the right of fitness on a magical change: the first is a six game winning streak, even cut the Chongchao Legion in Xinjiang and Guizhou, the top team in Qingdao have victory over the Yellow Sea, the right to health quickly return to the top of the standings; after losing to Beikong, then has defeated Dalian beyond the right to health and in Hohhot, and then through the game’s 5:2 carefree revenge Shenzhen, back to the top. All of the magic show, no doubt and Cannavaro is closely related to the media in Tianjin, has been called the godfather of the right to health, although the card is now less than 43 years old, Cannavaro. In addition to the rapid rise of the score, Cannavaro brought to the right to health there are many, such as the Brazil foreign aid more excellent condition, such as Liu Yiming, Yan Zihao and Zhang Xiuwei and other local forces are enough to reuse and have excellent performance. And the use of local players, it is right to the health of the holder of the value, which means that Cannavaro gives the club a clear future. Fire guns can in fact Tubao meritorious service, in the season in a prior to the opening of Tianjin, the right to health because of money signings attracted widespread attention, it seems that they did not start already booked a seat in a Chongchao, and after the opening of the first two rounds, the story is also in accordance with the normal track in the development. Right to health in Tianjin two consecutive away respectively by 3:0 and 5:2 to win easily. However, from April 2nd to June 3rd, a full two months time, Tianjin health authority has only won two games, was greatly disappointed, until the arrival of Cannavaro, they reproduce the "giants" style. Handsome in place before the 12 round of cards in a right to health, 4 wins 4 flat 4 negative 16 points, averaging 1.33; count the beginning of the season two victory over their cloud相关的主题文章: