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A good word! Sonia Sui child is 5 months pregnant girl… Sonia Sui announced the news of Sonia Sui Slide Show pregnant with a second child how can eat Bunny Sonia Sui pregnant female child! A good word Tencent entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, supermodel Sonia Sui son and husband Tony is enough, in 2015 gave birth to his son, "Max", often drying out the son grow up. In September 16th, Sonia Sui as always the sun baby, the content with the news of pregnancy, a careful look at the photo caption Max adorable Sonia Sui admits, pregnant belly and the unborn baby girl, named "Lucy", Sonia Sui will meet the child together, the word "good". Sonia Sui had second fetal 5 months Sonia Sui 2015 and Tony married in Las Garth, August born son Max in Singapore, upgraded when the mother, Sonia Sui also turned into a "dazzle sub spree", often share the happiness of a family of three living in the face book, earlier she shared with Max four photographs, adorable children for design dialogue say "Oh, oh well, of course, is very happy you are brother sister, but after a mother called the baby", "only a 13 chance of me". Keywords Sonia Sui said "only 13 chance is Max", started to have the misunderstanding of Sui Tanghuai twins, one interpretation: "so, baby is the father, brother and sister three people? Because only say hi Lucy, should be a sister, right?" Sonia Sui personally reply buzin symbol, and a symbol of love, agree with each other, but also happy to respond to Sonia Sui sister-in-law Xie excited map, the whole family into joy revealed.相关的主题文章: