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Business If you have an older Apple iPhone instead of getting an Apple iPhone Repair you may want to get a new iPhone with more bells and whistles. Even though something like a cracked screen is not too costly to replace it gives you the opportunity to get a new iPhone. Just let the Apple iPhone Repair place transfer all of your data from your older iPhone to a brand new perhaps iPhone 4 for example. To avoid having to get an Apple iPhone Repair you have to realize that even though todays more sophisticated cell phones including an iPhone are really rather sturdy they still cannot withstand very heavy handling. They are not a reinforced hard sided suitcase that you can just throw down beside you. Especially since so many people dont bother with a protective case at all they just clutch their iPhone tightly in their hand which may also crack the screen if held too tight. Also try not to slam down the iPhone too hard as this may not only damage your screen but also the circuitry that is behind the screen. Heavy handling may also break the case, the antenna or the camera too. But any cell phone like the iPhone is heavily used. When you have a combination iPod and cell phone you are using it for many applications that are far removed from the original cell phones which today seem almost like a dinosaur in its simplicity and lack of applications. But even simple things can happen to your iPhone 4 like if you grip it too hard in the left corner in your left hand you may have a problem with the reception. Unfortunately you friendly cell phone repair shop cannot help you with this. For a while the company offered a replacement case for the problem but they may be needed anymore. Hopefully they rectified the issue with the newer models. Your only solution here is to not grip it too hard with your left hand in the left hand corner! Apparently there is a part of the antenna located here. Other things that can go wrong with an Apple iPhone like the screen may start to get black spots on it. Or the LCD screen may begin to bleed the colors. Or it may begin to streak or even go blank. Or lines could be running across the screen. If this is the case you should take your Apple iPhone to your local repair place for a screen repair or replacement. There can be problems with the Touch Screen and of course this will require that you take your iPhone to a repair shop to get it fixed. If you have broken the Touch Screen then you know what the problem is. But your touch screen may have small pieces of glass that stick and even though you didnt drop any honey onto it then you probably dont know why the tiny particles are sticking and you will need to take your phone for a repair to you favorite Apple iPhone Repair place. About the Author: Cell Phone Repair – Dr. Cell Phone is a comprehensive cell phone, iPhone, iPod, MP3 player, laptop, and gaming system repair center headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Since opening in 2006, Dr. Cell Phone has repaired thousands of cell phones and personal devices, and has expanded operations into Houston, Texas and Frisco, Texas – IPhone Repair Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Business 相关的主题文章: