A 32 year old man looking for father refused money smashed more than 10 cars for any district-alienware m17x

A 32 year old man looking for father refused money smashed more than 10 cars from any district Jiulongpo District Public Security Bureau News: Jiulongpo man did not work, usually ask the parents for money. In October 9th, he again asked his father for the money being refused, the Father also advised him to find a job, which makes man angry, will be the home goods a throw, also went to the residential smashed more than 10 cars to vent their anger. Peng and his parents live in a residential area of Xie Jia Bay, Jiulongpo, 32 years old, no work, often find parents to lend money. In October 9th, Peng had no money in his pocket, so he stretched out his hand to ask his father for money. But this time the father refused him, and advised him to find a job quickly, all day idle at home is not a way. Not to say a few words, Pengmou began to get angry, will be home to be careless with pots and pans and throws it out of the window. This is not let Pengmou cool down, he finished throwing things at home, and took a pipe out of the house. A downstairs, saw many private car parked downstairs, will Pengmou to vent in a roadside car, he picked up the pipe, a roadside car front and rear windshield all broken, hood also hit around the sag, peeling paint. At this time, the security area came in and around the masses will Pengmou control and alarm to the Xiejiawan police station jiulongpo. After the alarm, the police rushed to the scene. Dozens of cars parked roadside and smashed loss area, near the grass and pot, shovel, stool and other items spread all across in confusion lying on the ground. Security told the police, fortunately, no mass injury, but smashed vehicles serious losses. As a result of Pengmou suspected of causing trouble, the police have now its criminal detention. At present, the case is under further investigation. Here, the police prompt the general public, do anything should think twice, can not vent to others due to personal emotions. In this way, it may not only cause loss of property, but also threaten the life of others.

32岁男子找父亲要钱被拒 砸坏小区10多辆车泄愤来自九龙坡区公安分局的消息:九龙坡一男子没有工作,平时常伸手向父母要钱。10月9日,他再次向父亲要钱时被拒,父亲还劝他去找工作,这让男子发了怒,将家中物品一阵乱扔,还跑到小区砸坏10多辆车泄愤。彭某与父母合住在九龙坡谢家湾某小区,今年32岁了,没有工作,常常找父母伸手要钱。10月9日,彭某口袋里没钱了,便向往常一样伸手找父亲要钱。可是这次父亲拒绝了他,并且劝他赶紧找一个工作,整日在家里闲着也不是办法。没说几句,彭某便开始发火,将家里的锅碗瓢盆不管不顾往窗外扔。这还没有让彭某消气,他扔完家里的东西,又拿了一根钢管冲出了家门。一下楼,看见楼下停着许多私家车,彭某将余怒发泄在了路边的私家车上,他抡起钢管,将路边一辆辆车的前、后挡风玻璃全部敲碎,引擎盖也砸得四处凹陷、油漆脱落。这时,小区保安赶来,和周围的群众一起将彭某控制住,并且向九龙坡区谢家湾派出所报警求助。接警后,民警迅速赶往现场。只见小区路边停靠的数十辆私家车被砸损,附近的草丛中还有锅、铲、凳子等物品横七竖八的“躺”在地上。保安告诉民警,幸亏没有群众受伤,但被砸的车辆损失严重。由于彭某涉嫌寻衅滋事罪,警方现已将其刑事拘留。目前,案件正在进一步侦办中。在此,民警提示广大市民,做任何事情都应三思而后行,不能因为个人情绪而发泄到他人身上。这样,不仅可能会造成他人财产损失,更甚者可能会对他人生命造成威胁。相关的主题文章: