80 years a ronaldo! The Spanish king Wang Shuangchao Messi free kick + cap (video)-yezimei

80 years out of a C! The Spanish King King Shuangchao kick cap + [Messi] information 80 years out of a C ronaldo! The Spanish King kick king Shuangchao cap + Messi C Ronaldo crowned La Liga Diego sports news November 20th Tencent any two consecutive La Liga at C Ronaldo, back-to-back hat trick, La Liga 32 career hat, and became the first free kick kick Liga player in the super 20 ball king, two records beyond Messi. The team 3-0 away victory at Atletico, and arranged 3 goals in La Liga in recent 80 years is only C Luo County do. This is the first C Ronaldo ball free kick, the ball hit the wall in Atletico player Savage and Gaby line network, although is a reflection of the goal, but because the original shooting trajectory in the goal range, so the goal is still denoted as C, free kick. This is the C Luo La Liga twentieth career free kick, the top ranked player in Messi in La Liga, scoring a total of 17 free kicks. C Luo La Liga total 291 penalty kick scored 20 goals, Messi is 209 hit 17 balls, 79 times third is Benny Yate, kick the ball into the 9, Bilbao midfielder C Ronaldo production is less than half. Since twenty-first Century, only 4 players scored a free kick in the Madrid Derby, including former Atletico midfielder Albertini and Simao, and Mesut Ozil and C Ronaldo, including Real Madrid (data) No. 7 is the only scored more than two ball players have scored 3 goals. This is C Ronaldo Real Madrid 100th career single game scoring reached 2 goals or more, 61 of them scored two of the 32 hat trick, 5 dasixi, two staged trick (5 goals). Throughout 2016, C Ronaldo has staged 6 hat tricks, the last two rounds at two consecutive La Liga, he has to wear a hat, which is at Alves and Atletico, both teams played in Nokamp against Barcelona (official data) when scoring 1 wins and 1 were non yongshou. After C Ronaldo also became the February 1936 Barcelona legend. Scola, the first 80 years of personal hat trick, and led the team to 3-0 away victory Ma Jing players. In addition, this season league top scorer, C Ronaldo has also been tied with Messi and Suarez, tied for first. The tournament total, C Ronaldo has played 39 times in the Real Madrid hat trick, the League champions 32 times, 5 times, 2 times the king’s cup. If coupled with the United Nations era and the Portuguese national team, C Luo career has 44 caps, Real Madrid, Manchester United for the 39 time, the 1 time, the national team for the 4 time. C is still the king of La Liga hat trick, Messi has more than second members of the 6 cap. Attached: La Liga hat trick C Ronaldo 32 2 ranked 1 Messi 26 3 Sara 22 3 Di Stefano 22 5 19 6 by Cesar 15 times (Cuchu)相关的主题文章: