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8 fans against Zidane refused to repeat the tragedy of western style rotation goalkeeper card tennis fighting again! Navas pre-season training highlights the latest fans against Real Madrid goalkeeper position rotation (data) September 24th news sports Tencent comeback Navas makes Real Madrid fans happy, but Zidane will be rotated on the position of goalkeeper position makes Real Madrid fans unhappy. "Marca" poll, 82% fans don’t want rotation goalkeeper, the reason is because they don’t want to see Casillas, Diego – Lopez 2013-14 season competing situation again. 2015-16 season, the gas is the most stable performance, excellent Real Madrid players, however, Costa Rica goalkeeper throughout the season has been affected by the left Achilles tendon injury. After playing with Ma Jing in the Champions League final, gas received surgery, thus missing the Copa America, and after the start of the new season, gas has been absent. Navas is absent because of injury, casiglia played so far this season in all 7 games, and 2 times zero closure opponents, to help Real Madrid made 6 wins and 1 excellent start. "Marca" pointed out that casiglia outstanding performance conquered Zidane, said Zidane of Las Palmas’s pre match press conference, "like casiglia, yanez, Navas, is also an important goalkeeper. I’ll talk to them, but I think, like the rest of the position, the goalkeeper can take turns." "Marca" immediately launched a "should be on location for rotation" poll showed that 68% of fans think Navas should serve as the main force, 14% of fans think casiglia should continue to start, only 17% of the respondents agree with Zidane’s view. This means that as many as 82% of the fans do not agree on the goalkeeper position rotation. Kathy and Lopez rotation of former Real Madrid fans against Zidane because they don’t want to repeat the mistakes of the 2013-14 season, real madrid. The Real Madrid coach Ancelotti will be rotated in the door this season, Diego – Lopez in La Liga as the main force, while Casillas played in the king’s cup, the Champions League first. Ancelotti’s decision is upset, former coach Mourinho Casillas is injured to made Diego Lopez, although Casillas has recovered in the 2013-14 season, but Ancelotti still insists on rotation. In this season, the Casillas goalkeeper identity won the king’s cup and the Champions League, but at the end of the season, the League goalkeeper Diego Lopez to AC Milan, Real Madrid signed Navas excellent play in the world cup in Brazil. 2014-15 season, Casillas once again become the main goalkeeper Navas, but in 11 appearances (6 games, when the Spanish King’s cup, the Champions League 3 games 2 games) lost only 8 ball, the La Liga and Champions League 8 appearances, conceding just 3 goals. And in the summer of 2015 window, Casillas to Oporto, Real Madrid signed casiglia, Mourinho left the problem of end to end a lose lose situation. It is worth mentioning that Florentino had hoped to use the gas exchange of David De Gea, but because of biography)相关的主题文章: