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Travel-and-Leisure Save Some Money on Your Barbados Vacation The beautiful white sands of the Barbados beaches are very inviting, but more often than not the price you need to pay for travelling there is not that attractive. However, you can follow some tips and cut your expenses for your dream tropical vacation. The most important thing you can do for cutting the expenses is to try to travel off-season and avoid the December-April part of the year. Even if the hotels and resorts are generally advertised with breathtaking photos, you can get the sane views by renting rooms in a private villa. Another tip for saving some money on your Barbados vacation is to skip the restaurants. You can go and explore the local markets, do your own shopping and enjoy your private meals with your family or friends. If you would like a drink on the island, you can try some of the traditional rum instead of spending too much money at the bars. Explore Some Fun Activities While on Vacation in Barbados While on vacation on the exotic Barbados Island, you can discover and enjoy amazing landscapes full of perfect natural beauty, sugar cane plantations, wildlife and abundant flora, green hills and lush forests. On the west and south you can enjoy beautiful sandy beaches that are suitable for many water activities like sailing, fishing, water skiing kayaking , jet skiing and especially scuba diving. The island is surrounded by some large coral reefs with numerous shipwrecks and many species of fish are to be found in the waters. For swimming and sunbathing, the best beaches from this island are Batts Rock Beach Cattlewash, Goding Bay Malibu, Accra Beach, Gibbes Bat and Foul Bay. Inside the island, a multitude of walks are possible on foot, by bicycle or on horseback in the forests including the Grenade Hall Forest & Signal Station". Other exciting activities that you can practice on your Barbados vacation are golf, climbing, tennis or the national sport, the cricket. Booking Your Luxury Barbados Vacation At the time you decide to treat yourself with a vacation to Barbados, getting luxury ac.modation will certainly help you get the most out of your escape. You should put in the necessary time for planning a great trip, because after all, you dont get to Barbados very often. The most important aspect of a luxury vacation is to book ac.modation to a high class hotel. A good idea is to book a beachfront hotel where you can enjoy the tropical sunshine above the spectacular Caribbean landscapes. Another important aspect for your luxury escape is good dinning and therefore you might consider spending your money at restaurants that can offer you traditional regional food, well prepared by the expert chefs. You can have a first class airline ticket together with your ac.modation and dining by booking an all-inclusive vacation package. Where to Eat When In Barbados One of the most amusing aspects of any travel experience is exploring the traditional cuisines. Therefore, while on a Barbados vacation, you might consider taking a break from sunbathing and swimming and give a try to some restaurants on this island. If you would like to hear the waves of the ocean while you enjoy the Caribbean cuisine, the St. Lawrence Bay might be the right spot for you. The restaurant serves a large variety of seafood dishes and homemade cakes for dessert. At Josefs Restaurant you can take have your meals in an upscale restaurant with terrific views over the ocean, twinkling candlelit and white tablecloths. Here you can try the sophisticated contemporary cuisine with subtle hints of the Caribbean and Asia and you will also want to return, since the menu changes frequently. If you are eager to try the Caribbean cuisine, you can do to the Cliffside restaurant, where you can enjoy a wide selection of fresh pies and pasta dishes. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: