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Personal-Tech AMAN KACHROO, DIBYENDU MALIK, AJMAL and many young enthusiasts faced RAGGING! Few names are enough to understand how a miserable bug is eating our education system. While we cannot take the credit from UGC and NGOs actively working on anti-ragging programs & we cannot deny the fact that as a new student, fully aware about present scenario, is not taking any preventive measure to protect him. Unfortunately, not even law can do anything before the crime is being .mitted. So once you are ragged you have a lot of options opened to punish those who ragged you. But what is it that can prevent such an unfortunate incident. Technology! Yes it can. What is that one device which is 24 by 7 with us? Cell phones and it is smart day by day. No, dont use it to hit seniors. Use it wisely. How? Cell phones are the only equipment which connects easily and can help you in personal safety. There are few must dos with your cell phone to maintain personal safety during such an incident: Keep your SOS numbers on speed dials. Be ready with your SOS messages. If you have a smart phone, keep safety app installed For those who dont know what a safety app is, it is an app which allows you to send single or multiple signals to your pre saved contacts in case of an emergency. There are few apps available on the internet with multiple mobile platforms like Android, Blackberry, Symbian, iPhone, etc. Most of them are free and quite easy to use. One such app is EYEWATCH. It is pretty .prehensive app that let you send alert with one touch on pre-saved contacts when you are in trouble. You can also keep Anti-ragging Helpline: 1800-180-5522 numbers as emergency contacts. It sends multiple signals in form of text messages, audio/video recording, GPS location to your near and dear ones. You can download it by SMS EYEWATCH to 53030. You can also search more apps online. Find out your way to be secure. Dont rely on external authorities to create a safe environment for you; rather you create your own. Make sure you have mechanism that will update your loved ones in real time. They will be faster than any other authorities formulating policies to keep you safe. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: