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SEO Time management is a weakness for many people. Even our expensive planners always end up collecting dust on our desks because we only managed to fill its first few pages. There are people who effortlessly have excellent time management skills, but the rest of us who dont have that innate ability need to change some of our daily routines to keep our schedule on track. When you make money online, you have a tendency to spend significant amounts of time in front of the .puter, without paying attention other things around you. Well, this is a .mon beginners mistake. The most important factors that determine your success are how well you balance your real life with your business and how you find the time to enjoy your work without forgetting your real-life tasks. Set a specific day to write down your weekly goals Devoting a specific day to setting your goals for the week is a good practice, especially when youre a habitual crammer. Write down all your appointments and tasks on a sheet of paper and rank these according to importance. In my case, I reserve Sunday for scheduling my tasks and devote weekdays to researching and writing new posts, .menting and replying to my posts and other blog entries, and SEO and link building. During the week, write down every new event and appointment and have them fixed on a designated day. Learn to say NO There is nothing wrong with recreation. However, you must learn to say no to the temptation of taking a break when you are in the middle of fulfilling a scheduled task. There are times when you have to set aside the need for recreation to fulfill a more important duty. Know your priorities If you dont know your priorities, it would be hard for you to organize your schedule and appointments. Remember that some things in life are more important than work and setting aside your needs and duties as a person may eventually affect your blogging. Know and weigh your priorities according to importance. Keep in mind that the reason why you blog for money is because you have a family to feed. Take a break Time management isnt just about managing your working hours so you can be a successful Inter. marketer. Taking a break and resting should be included in your schedule, too. Take time to pause for a while, enjoy some time with your family, and give your mind a break from long hours of blogging. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: