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Vendors have been following several approaches when they take on flat bid contracts. The important thing to keep in mind that since a flat bid contract is putting the risk on them and if they are going to have a chance of making this endeavor profitable they will have to compensate with a higher price tag. Flat bid contracts can also add a significant amount of overhead to handle the "Cover your butt principle" via change orders, extra logging steps and additional processes that can often be handled more efficiently through other means. Take the money and run: When a company is experiencing cash flow problems often they will just put out the lowest bid based on their minimum requirements and "take the money and run". They just need to get something in the door to fill the immediate cash flow need and they really care very little about your business other than it is fixing their problem. It is the "all about me" approach. They have no intention of doing business with you after this initial project or at least are not thinking beyond it. Ask yourself is this the kind of vendor relationship I want to have? Get them in the door and Milk them later: This happens when companies want to win the bid at all costs but know very well the project is going to cost more than this and they will tell you just about anything you want to hear just to win the contract and they intend on holding you over a barrel somehow so they can turn you into some kind of residual income stream or let you be the brunt of either having half of what you need or want thus forcing you to use them to get this finished. This often has hidden clauses in the contracts that they try to catch you on almost like a bait and switch. Ask yourself what your boss is going to say when the budget comes in way over and you do not have a justification since nothing in the contract actually changed. Sponge and squeeze competition: This is a challenge where the contractor is trying to give you as little as possible so they can yield the biggest margin on the project. This actually puts you in competition with each other and the end loss usually sacrifices quality in the final outcome. It puts strain on both parties and can build resentment or dissatisfaction through circumstance. Ask yourself is this competition really the best approach for providing the best possible value in the long run? The Value Builder: The best overall approach for successful results is through effective collaboration. We call it the Value Builder Approach because it focuses on building value in the relationship and allows everyone involved to put greater emphasis on achieving efficient results. We have found it is best to bid on a project with hourly rates for the targeted service types required to execute the expected tasking. Then working with the customer through our 5 step design planning process does the following: – Establishes clear expectations – Builds respect for each other’s time – Offers more efficiently leverages resource contributions – Builds the most beneficial working relationship – Gives client the best return on investment – Allows vendor to focus on best advice and solutions This methodology reduces risk for both vendor and client and creates a relationship of choice since the client always owns the technology and real value is found with the synergy built through collective teamwork. Of course there may be variables depending on the point of entry in this process, the customer preplanning, available assets, scope of work, other stakeholders or experience in-house. And don’t get me wrong there are good vendors that can do flat bid contracts but we have found this to not be the best approach for delivering the best possible results on Web 2.0 projects with Joomla CMS development or our " CRBM Implementation (Customer Relationship Business Management) Platform for success." About the Author: Christopher Nielsen is CRM 2.0 Certified, an award winning multimedia producer and open source technology expert. With rich product knowledge on systems such as Joomla CMS and Info at hand CRM systems. As the founder of he is the principle CRM consultant, software configuration specialist and Social CRM technology evangelist. Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Web-Development 相关的主题文章: