Why Captain Chris Got Into The Self Defense Business-beef怎么读�

Martial-Arts There are literally hundreds of self proclaimed experts in the field of self defense. But none can light a flame next to Captain Chris. The reason for this is that Chris survived his own brush with death and not only lived to talk about it, but lived to educate thousands of people worldwide about how to defend themselves. At the time of the random attack upon him and his wife, Chris was recovering from chemotherapy treatment for cancer. Therefore, his body was significantly weakened due to the treatment and he was not of his usual physical strength. He had to watch in horror as his wife was terrified by knife-wielding criminals and there was nothing he could do about it. Thankfully, the police came, otherwise the two may not have survived. Ever since that day, he has dedicated every second of free time he has to learn as much as he possibly can regarding self defense. His desire to learn everything there is to learn brought him from one end of the world to the other with many stops along the way. He studied almost every type of martial arts that the world has to offer, seeking the perfect form of self defense. After years of study, he finally stumbled upon close .bat training and he instantly knew it was the answer he had been looking for. He had tried every possible avenue of self defense, and had found both advantages and flaws in all of them. Every type of martial arts has its own advantages. For example, some are great for fighting on the ground, whereas others are great for fighting someone who has a weapon. But no matter how long he searched, he just couldn’t seem to find one that served useful in every type of fighting situation. That is of course until he found close .bat training. This was the first method of self defense that he had found that en.passed everything he was looking for. It worked great for fighting on the ground. It was great for fighting someone with a gun or a knife and it was even perfect for fighting someone who was twice your size. But the real kicker was when he realized that anyone could quickly be.e a master of this type of self defense. He knew that this was what he was looking for and made it his life mission to inform as many people possible of this amazing self defense technique. So after a long search that spanned the entire world, Captain Chris had finally found what he was looking for in close .bat training. Since then, he has worked tirelessly to bring this message of self defense to as many people as possible. It is impossible to figure out how many lives he has saved or how many injuries he has prevented, but it is certainly a large number. He has a .e a long way from a victim of violent crime to a proponent of self defense who is trusted by thousands upon thousands of people the world over. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: