State Grid Haidong power supply company serves local water source project construction electricity –魔界骑士イングリッド

Electricity – Qinghai Channel – October 13th service of local water project construction of Haidong power supply company, State Grid Haidong power supply company employees to Minhe Chuan Kou Zhen Xiang Tang Cun, Minhe County Datonghe water project of electricity inspection, help rectification problems, solve construction problems, to ensure the people’s livelihood project construction work in an orderly manner. The water project is to improve the water supply capacity of Minhe county area of the county, around 120 thousand people to solve the water production and life of the people’s livelihood projects, to promote leapfrog to provide reliable water resources to support the county’s economic and social projects, the electricity load of 3 million 60 thousand kva. Electricity for the protection of water project construction, Haidong power supply company adhere to the "unified process, a clear time limit, simple and efficient" principle, the opening of "Easy Access", arrange follow-up, review, approval for research work of power supply scheme for fast, using 10 kV voltage level, dual power supply, double loop power supply, active service water engineering infrastructure construction work. During the construction period, the company arranged personnel to carry out regular inspections, implement the weekly newspaper system, coordinate the solution of the problems, publicize the safety electricity consumption knowledge, on-site supervision and inspection work, solve the problems of electricity consumption in construction, and ensure the orderly construction of power distribution projects. At present, Minhe County Datonghe water project construction work has entered the stage, Haidong power supply company will continue to implement the "integrated" door-to-door service, "package" electricity service reply normal service, door-to-door service for power projects, deepen Shouwenfuze system, strengthening power hidden engineering inspection, strict quality customs inspection, to ensure that key projects, livelihood projects and orderly use of electricity. (Jie Anrui Zhang Jun) (commissioning editor Zhang Liping and Yang Yang)

国网海东供电公司服务地方水源工程建设用电–青海频道–人民网 10月13日,国网海东供电公司员工来到民和县川口镇享堂村,检查民和县大通河水源工程用电情况,帮助整改隐患,解决建设难题,确保该项民生工程建设工作有序进行。 民和县大通河水源工程是该县提高县城地区供水保障能力,解决周边12万人生产生活用水的民生工程,对于推动县域经济社会跨越提供可靠的水资源支撑,项目用电负荷3060千伏安。为保障水源工程建设用电,海东供电公司坚持“统一流程、明确时限、简洁高效”原则,开通“绿色通道”,安排专人跟进,快速办理供电方案的可研评审、批复等工作,采用10千伏电压等级、双电源、双回路供电,积极服务水源工程基础设施建设工作。建设期间,该公司安排人员定期开展检查,实施实施周报制度,协调解决出现的问题,现场宣传安全用电知识,现场监督、检查工作,解决建设中用电的难题,保障配电工程的有序建设。 目前,民和县大通河水源工程建设工作已进入后期,海东供电公司将继续实行“集成式”的上门服务、“一揽子”用电答复服务等常态化服务方式,上门服务用电项目,深化首问负责制,加强用电隐蔽工程的检查,严把质量验收关,确保重点项目、民生工程项目建设有序用电。(解安瑞 张骏) (责编:张莉萍、杨阳)相关的主题文章: