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Foreign media: the news that SHARP’s potential liabilities list covers the worst risk FX168 hearing on Saturday (February 27th) well-known foreign media Reuters reported that Japan’s SHARP a list of potential liabilities, resulting in Chinese Taiwan’s suspension of the completion of the acquisition contract. According to a person familiar with the matter, the list is an unverified study for the worst case, not a debt that must be disclosed. The Qing Chanyu sent Wednesday Foxconn, several sources pointed out that the list revealed about 300 billion yen ($2 billion 600 million) of the potential debt. Reuters is not sure why the list will be sent to Hon hai. Sources told Reuters on Saturday that SHARP executives did not review the list, and did not plan to disclose it to Hon hai. Because of the sensitivity of the matter, the source refused to be named. The sources said that the list includes some unlikely events or true risk amount is far higher than SHARP must expose the contingent liabilities, but sources did not further explain. SHARP declined to comment on this. SHARP said in a statement on Friday that the company has been properly disclosed or liabilities. At the end of 2015, SHARP’s contingent liabilities amounted to about 80 billion yen. According to another source, Hon Hai and SHARP reached consensus on Friday night to extend the purchase negotiation period by 1 or 2 weeks from the scheduled Monday. Hon Hai has said in a statement Friday, before SHARP Thursday held a meeting of the board of directors, Foxconn Wednesday morning received a new key file, most of them in the past when both content negotiation has never been proposed or inform. Hon Hai said, the two sides team is currently working on matters related to negotiation, "I hope to clarify the situation and achieve the perfect solution, we still expect the transaction as soon as possible to reach a satisfactory result." Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

外媒:消息称夏普潜在负债清单内容涵盖最糟情况风险   FX168讯 周六(2月27日)知名外媒路透报道指出,日本夏普一份潜在负债清单,导致中国台湾的鸿海暂缓完成收购签约。据一名知情消息人士指出,这份清单是针对最糟情况的未核实研究,并非必须揭露的债务。   这份清单于周三送交鸿海,多名消息人士指出,清单上揭露了约3000亿日元(26亿美元)的潜在债务。   路透尚无法确定为何这份清单会送至鸿海。消息人士周六向路透表示,夏普高层并未审核这份清单,而且也并未计划向鸿海披露。由于事涉敏感,消息人士拒绝具名。   该消息人士表示,清单里面包括一些不太可能成真的事件或风险,金额也远高于夏普必须揭露的或有负债,但消息人士并未进一步说明。   夏普对此拒绝评论。夏普周五发表声明称,公司一直妥善揭露或有负债。2015年年底时,夏普的或有负债约为800亿日元。   据另一名消息人士指出,周五晚鸿海与夏普达成共识,将收购谈判期限由原定的周一延长1或2周。   周五鸿海曾发表声明称,在夏普周四召开董事会会议之前,鸿海周三早上才收到一份新的关键文件,其中绝大部份内容在双方过去协商时从未被提出或告知。   鸿海并称,双方团队目前正在就相关事宜进行协商,“希望厘清现况并达成完善的解决方案,我们仍然期待本次交易尽快达成圆满结果。” 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: