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Changde, a cargo vehicle waste battery fire, fire raging half an hour after being killed trucks loaded with waste batteries. Fire fighting. (original title: truck loaded with scrap batteries from the fire emergency fire fighting Changde) November 9th news net Changde station 10:24 on November 8th, Hunan Province Economic Development Zone of Changde city fire brigade received a report that: located in Changde City Economic Development Zone, Gan Ming Road, a large truck caught fire. After receiving the alarm, the fire brigade immediately dispatched a Steyr Steyr water tank, a water tank, a total of 10 officers and soldiers rushed to the scene to fight the blaze. At the scene, a large number of car license plate number is R, the rear of the truck fire, the fire is in a stage of rapid development, the situation crisis. Owner readme, fire goods for trucks consignment of electric vehicles waste batteries, no casualties at the scene. Fire commanders consider the fire products are more special, there is explosion risk, then ordered the combatants to lay a trunk line, a water gun and a portable foam generator for fire fighting, another part of the combatants do a good job of on-site warning, evacuation scene onlookers. After 12 minutes of strong onslaught, the fire was basically controlled and no longer spread to the fire zone. Fire officers and soldiers use fire hook to hook up the fire on the car and clean up the fire area. Half an hour later, the fire was completely extinguished. At present, the cause of the accident is still under investigation. (red net correspondent Lu Pengfei) recommend Video: what is the consequence of transporting waste battery without permission?

常德一货车载废旧电瓶起火火势猛烈 半小时后被灭货车满载废旧电瓶。消防进行扑救。(原标题:货车满载废旧电瓶起了大火 常德消防紧急扑救)红网常德分站11月9日讯 11月8日10时24分,湖南省常德市经开区消防大队接到报警称:位于常德市经开区乾明路,一辆大型货车起火。接到报警后,经开区消防大队立即出动一台斯太尔水罐车、一台斯太尔王水罐车,共10名官兵赶赴现场扑救。在现场,一辆车牌号为豫R的大货车车厢尾部起了火,火势处于猛烈发展阶段,情况危机。车主自述,起火物为货车托运的电动车废旧电瓶,现场没有人员伤亡。消防指挥员考虑着火物品较为特殊,有爆炸危险,遂下令战斗员铺设一条干线,出一支水枪和一支便携式泡沫发生器进行灭火,另一部分战斗员做好现场警戒,疏散现场围观群众。经过12分钟的强势猛攻,火势被基本控制,不再向货车未着火部位蔓延。消防官兵利用火钩将车上着火货物钩下,清理着火区域。半小时后,大火被完全扑灭。目前,事故原因还在调查之中。(红网 通讯员 陆鹏飞) 推荐视频: 私自运送废旧电瓶会有什么后果?相关的主题文章: