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Police killed the suspect killed less than 30 seconds of the original title: Jiujiang police killed on the way to the JINGWAH times (reporter Fan Rui) yesterday morning, Jiangxi Jiujiang police Hwang was killed on the way to work. Local police informed that, Hwang sent to hospital after died, the police have locked the suspect Xiongmou, offering a reward of 200 thousand yuan for the murderer. Insider video showed that the suspect was killed less than half a minute with a knife. Yesterday afternoon, Yongxiu County, Jiangxi province Jiujiang County Public Security Bureau issued a notice through the official micro-blog, said October 29th morning 11 o’clock, Yongxiu County Public Security Bureau police Hwang through the door of a supermarket in the town was killed. After receiving the alarm, Yongxiu County Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade police immediately rushed to the scene to carry out investigation work, Huang sent to hospital after died. At present, Yongxiu police have locked the suspect, arrest work is underway. Police issued a reward Bulletin shows that, after investigation, Yongxiu County triangle rural people bear the world has a major crime suspects. The world bears, male, 40 years old, wearing a black suit jacket escape, carrying a black jacket, riding a red cross type "Qianjiang Motorcycle". The police suggest that Xiong Yun may carry the murder weapon with him. Yongxiu County Public Security Bureau said, for providing valuable clues, the police will be rewarded, provide important clues to directly capture the suspect, promised to give 50 thousand yuan reward. For those who conceal not to report, they will be investigated for legal responsibility according to law. Less than half a minute of the attack, the insider to reporters to provide the scene of the video show, the incident at 11:33 on the morning of 29. When the incident, the police Hwang holding umbrellas walking on the road. A man came from behind, holding a suspected tool several times in a row and stabbed Hwang, Hwang back constantly dodge man behind him repeatedly stabbed Hwang, Hwang held an umbrella during the fall, people also then fell to the ground, the man turned to leave, the process is less than half a minute. In the video, a woman passed by, and she walked away quickly after seeing it. Near the shop owner Mr. Zhou said, the distance is only 5 meters he shop door, his wife to see when the assailant has turned away, "when we go out, stabbed the man lying on the ground, the ground bleeding a lot." Mr. Zhou immediately called the police. According to a number of businesses nearby confirmed that the murdered police Huang Yongxiu County Detention House staff, living near the incident spark District, more than 50 years old. The night before the incident to the unit on duty, in the morning of the 11 work, is under the rain, a yellow hand umbrella, a hand holding a briefcase, finally fell in the distance of 100 meters of the intersection area. After committing murder, stabbed two people, Triangle Village Jianhua village director Deng Shian said in an interview, Xiong Yun after committing the crime, and returned to the village about 5 kilometers away from home, knife into the neighbor’s house, chopped two neighbors with their disputes. At present, two people are receiving further treatment in the hospital, one of whom is not yet out of danger. Last night, 10 o’clock, the local police issued a notice again, the reward amount increased from 50 thousand yuan to 200 thousand yuan.

民警遇害身亡 嫌犯行凶过程不到30秒   原标题:九江一民警下班途中遇害   京华时报讯(记者樊瑞)昨天上午,江西九江民警黄某下班途中遇害。当地警方通报称,黄某送医院抢救后不治身亡,警方已锁定犯罪嫌疑人熊某,悬赏20万元缉拿凶手。知情人提供的现场视频显示,嫌疑人持刀行凶过程不到半分钟。   超市门口袭击被害人   昨天下午,江西省九江市永修县公安局通过官方微博发布通报,称10月29日上午11时许,永修县公安局民警黄某下班途经涂埠镇某超市门口时被人杀害。接到报警后,永修县公安局刑侦大队民警立即赶到现场开展侦查工作,黄某送医院抢救后不治身亡。目前,永修警方已锁定犯罪嫌疑人,抓捕工作正在进行当中。   警方发布的悬赏通报显示,经过侦查,永修县三角乡村民熊运世有重大作案嫌疑。熊运世,男,40岁,逃跑时上身穿黑色西装外套,携带一件黑色棉袄,骑一辆红色跨式“钱江牌”摩托车。警方提示熊运世随身可能携带作案凶器。永修县公安局表示,对于提供有价值线索的,警方予以奖励,提供重要线索直接抓获犯罪嫌疑人的,承诺给予5万元奖励。对于隐瞒不报的,将会依法追究法律责任。   行凶过程不到半分钟   知情人向记者提供的事发现场视频显示,案发在29日上午11时33分。事发时,民警黄某手持雨伞走在路上。一男子从其身后突然跑来,持疑似刀具连续数次捅向黄某,黄某不断退后躲闪,男子紧追不放多次捅向黄某,其间黄某所持雨伞坠落地上,人也随后倒地,男子转身离开,行凶过程不到半分钟。视频中显示,事发时有一女子路过,看到后随即快步走开。   附近商铺老板周先生称,案发地距离他家店铺门的只有5米,他妻子看到时,行凶男子已经转身离开,“我们出去的时候,被捅伤的男子躺在地上,地上流血很多。”周先生随即报警。   据附近多位商户证实,遇害民警黄某为永修县看守所工作人员,居住在案发附近的星火小区,今年50多岁。事发前一天晚上到单位值班,当天上午11时下班时,正在下小雨,黄某一手撑伞,一手拿着公文包,最后倒在了距离小区100米的路口。   杀人后再作案捅伤两人   三角乡建华村村主任邓世安在接受媒体采访时表示,熊运世作案后又返回距离家约5公里的村中,持刀进入邻居家中,砍伤与其有过纠纷的两位邻居。目前两人正在医院接受进一步治疗,其中一人尚未脱离生命危险。   昨晚10时许,当地警方再次发布通报,将悬赏金额从5万元增加至20万元。相关的主题文章: