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Keep moist and glossy autumn dry skin care 8 strokes after the autumn, the seasonal variation of temperature is large, many people’s skin is also changing, there will be dry skin. So how should autumn dry skin replenishment? Do the following aspects of each day, you can return your skin moisture moving. Dry skin refers to the delicate skin, thin, not obvious pores, sebum secretion less and uniform, no greasy feeling. Dry skin, looks clean, delicate and beautiful. That is, dry skin, the skin stratum corneum moisture less than 10%, a small amount of sebum secretion, the performance of multi wrinkle dull. How to maintain dry skin? 1, determine the water or to fill oil, or both according to their needs: what kind of dry skin to determine dry dry skin need to pay, and the lack of oily dry skin and need at the same time and fill oil replenishment. 2, with a gentle face wash products do not use soap or cleansing products of poor quality, it can not only improve your skin, but also your skin is more dry. 3, in the bath time should also avoid taking a bath too long, bath water overheating bath time control in about half an hour, the water temperature is about 27~35 degrees more appropriate. 4, while the skin is still moist, can be painted with moisture and high moisture cream to lock in moisture and increase the skin luster, if you wait until the face is completely dry before painting, there will be a very good effect! Don’t think that every time dry skin cream coated with ultra component, in fact it will block pores, make skin acne, do not. 5, dry skin needs to choose the components foot, good quality, adding moisturizing ingredients, strong protective day cream during the day and at night to try to moisturize the skin, containing moisture, nutrition cream. 6, diet care need to pay attention to choose some fat, vitamin content of foods, such as milk, egg, liver, butter and fresh fruit. 7, due to the secretion of dry skin fat friends itself is not, plus the surrounding dry air humidity and lack of their own skin, are particularly vulnerable to water shortages, at this time if it is in accordance with the summer that often wash your face, will make the problems become more serious. Once a day can be. Wake up in the morning only need to wash your face with warm water on it. 8, how to care about the early dry skin problems, there may be a lot of friends will skip the sunscreen, can not. Because the autumn sunshine, although there is no summer fierce, but the ultraviolet ray is still very strong, so in the daily work in the sun still have to do a good job, to avoid damage to the skin caused by the sun’s radiation. Contains anti UV effect day cream is still to use oh.相关的主题文章: