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Set! Oezil will pay 200 thousand pounds a week to renew the franchise’s 1- sports Sohu set! Mesut Ozil paid first exposure in team history to renew the Gunners   Beijing time on November 15th, the British media "mirror" headline news, Arsenal to sign Mesut Ozil matters, the basic agreement, the German star will receive a weekly wage of $200 thousand contract, if the news is true, then Mesut Ozil will become the first team in the history of Arsenal a week more than 200 thousand pounds of players. Mesut Ozil in the summer of 2013 with the price of 42 million 500 thousand pounds from Real Madrid to Arsenal, a gunman had history of Wang, a five year contract, the contract period to the summer of 2018, a $140 thousand, is the highest income team player. Since then, Mesut Ozil’s contract and never changed, has made 131 appearances for Arsenal, scoring 27 goals and 47 assists, helping the Gunners won two FA Cups and a community shield; well, let Mesut Ozil get the most creative midfielder. At the moment, Mesut Ozil and Sanchez, two players and Arsenal contract only 18 months, the club hope they renew the team to stay. Before this, Mesut Ozil and Sanchez are said to be a weekly wage of 250 thousand, but refused to give arsenal. After negotiation, the British media "mirror" disclosure, Mesut Ozil has agreed a new contract with A Senna, the German star got a 200 thousand pounds a week contract, the new contract contract period may be 5 years; the day before, Mesut Ozil has been in London and bought a mansion, worth up to 10 million pounds, his the behavior is considered to be ironclad in A Senna Sanchez; however, the renewal is not yet clear, the market rumors, Juventus and Manchester intends to spoiler, hope invested 50 million pounds acquisition of Chilean striker. (little care)相关的主题文章: