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The Raptors Coach: as long as James still forever knight is the favourite James career five ultimate performance two war grab seven tide record Tencent sports news in October 14th a regular season ends today, James led the Cavaliers in the home court to 94 than 119 to defeat Ji Dong’s opponent in the final tournament of toronto. But after the Raptors coach Casey is not complacent, he said as long as the team and Lebron, they are always favourites. Casey James praised the Cavaliers coach tyronn Lue to Toronto gave praise, he said he is full of respect for the team. "They are a good team." Tyronn Lue said, "they have two all stars, coach Casey is also very good, they also played very hard. They are a tough team last year, I think we won last season in the home court too easy, so that we relax vigilance in Toronto, did not take them seriously. If there is no NBA team be absorbed in your face, then you will be like last year we will G3 and G4 east to swallow the bitter pill. Every team is good, we have to be prepared. Toronto is very tough at home and we can’t look down on anyone." But the Raptors coach Casey for the Cavaliers have a sober understanding, he understood that there is a huge gap between our team and the eastern top teams. "I tell you, as long as Lebron is still playing, they will still be one of the favourites." Casey said. "We grew up to be a better team, and I don’t know if we have reached their height, but we are definitely a confident team. Very mature, able to fight, the key competition of our growth is very important. Now, whether we can catch up with them, this season still have to fight with high morale. But I think the players have grown a lot from last year’s experience. (Majiabao) copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent sports, unauthorized, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable.相关的主题文章: