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UEFA announced the best lineup candidate C Luo Meixi listed a total of 8 people in Real Madrid – Sohu sports   Beijing time on the evening of November 21st, the European Union Unicom announced its official website of the year’s best lineup candidate list of. With immediate effect, the fans will be able to vote on the official website of the European Football League, selected their own eyes of the year 11 people, and the final results will be announced early next year. From the list of candidates for up to 40 people can see that Spain is undoubtedly the biggest winner of last season’s Champions League champions Real Madrid have as many as 8 people were selected, C Ronaldo, Baer, Navas, Ramos, Pepe, and Modri Carvajal, Cross and other stars impressively. But the other two balls will be Barcelona and La Liga Atletico Madrid respectively with 5 players. Other Premier League, after dominating the La Liga, a total of 12 people have successfully nominated this from the Bundesliga has 5 people, there are 3 people in Serie A and from Juventus at the same time, the French and Portuguese will have 1 people on this list. It is worth mentioning that Mesut Ozil, Benzema and other players, such as the star of all missed the fate of Muller. 2016 of the UEFA team of the year candidate list: goalkeeper: Patricio (Lisbon athletics), Navas (Huang Ma), Oblak (Ma Jing), Buffon (Juventus) defender: Peake (Barcelona), Kimich (Bayern), Alderweireld (Tottenham), Ramos (Huang Ma), Guerrero (Dortmund), Bonui (Juventus) koscielny, (A Senna) and Juan Fran (Ma Jing), Carvajal (Huang Ma), Godin (Ma Jing), Pepe (Huang Ma), Boateng (Bayern) in the field: Paye (West Ham), Callas (Ma Jing), Pogba (Manchester United), Joe Allen (Storck), Maheras (Leicester city), de Blau Hei (Manchester City), Modri (Huang Ma), Ramsey (A Senna ), Cross (Huang Ma), Iniesta (Barcelona), Kanter (Chelsea), Kerry Howe Ark (Paris): Messi striker (Barcelona), Suarez (Barcelona), C Ronaldo (Huang Ma), Lewandowski (Bayern), Ibrahimovic (Manchester United), Gonzalo Higuain (Juventus), Glenn Seidman (Ma Jing), Aubameyang (Dortmund), Neymar (Barcelona), Baer (Huang Ma), Aguero (Manchester City), Sanchez (A Senna) (the green)相关的主题文章: